Saturday, November 19, 2011

Maggie's Memos: A Few Updates

Hey everyone, it's me, Maggie. 

So apparently I've been relegated to the position of "doll who gets to write the boring update posts that no one else wants to take care of".  I'm apparently not important enough to have my picture on the header, or even have a picture in my post.  Not to mention the fact that guest posters make comments about how scary I am.  Whatever.  I can take it.

We just wanted to let you know what's been going on with us over here.  Things have been really crazy lately.  Mama did something to her clavicle this week (I think it's the chest bone or something like's affecting her shoulder and collar bone, too), so she's supposed to be taking it easy.  Nothing really serious, so don't panic, everybody.  Typing, housecleaning and all that is pretty difficult, but she's being stubborn and trying to do stuff anyway.  Apparently I'm not the only one with a stubborn streak around here. ;) 

Our posts have been rather sporadic because a certain fashion doll who now has her own blog (finally!!) has been hogging the computer and typing like crazy.  She says she's trying to get caught up with her life story so that she can be completely caught up with current time.  I can't believe you guys are still reading about her.  All that mush and singing and drama.  Gag me.  And, sigh, once again I've been instructed to put a link to her most recent post.  Really?  I thought we were going to be done with this once she got her own blog!  As much as it annoys me, I'll put a link HERE.  I wouldn't want to start World War III or anything with my fellow (more sympathetic) dolls.

Anyway, we 18 inchers are currently trying to plan a movie marathon night with all of us.  It should be interesting considering the variety of tastes we have.  Disney meets Captain America?  Hmmm...I have a feeling some of us may skip out on the movies we're not interested in.  We'll be doing other things, too, though, like eating popcorn and playing games, so there should be something for everyone. :)

As you all know, this week is Thanksgiving.  Mama and her family are going out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving with Papa's sister and her family.  Mama's still trying to decide which ones of us will be going with her.  I think it's pretty likely that the Hathaway sisters will be the favored ones (surprise, surprise).  Although at one point, Mama was actually talking about trying to take all 7 of us, because the place they're going has some amazing spots for pics, and there might be snow.  I cannot even imagine being crammed into a tote with the other 6 simply to take 20 gazillion pictures in the freezing cold.  Yay.  You know, sometimes the length Mama goes to get a few good blog headers really scares me!

Once we know more, we'll keep you guys posted.  Hopefully we'll have a real post coming up soon (one that actually included me would be nice...I'm just sayin'!).  Talk to you all later!


Mickey's Girl said...

Hi Maggie! Sorry you haven't been able to do post lately!

I really know what you mean about too many pictures! Mom just took like 50 of us in weird outfits. Luckily I got stuck with a soccer jersey! I'm glad I have Julie around or I would be stuck with a bunch of girly-girls!


Claire said...

Hi Maggie. I definitely hear you on the craziness - it's Claire's family's turn to host Thanksgiving here and the humans are cleaning like crazy! Not only that, but Claire's frantically trying to finish her National Novel Month (or something like that) story, so I've barely had time to get on the computer! :{

I think that's awesome that there might be snow at your Papa's sister's house - I've only seen snow once, when it came to Texas this year. It only lasted about a day and a half, but it was fun while it lasted.

Have a great weekend!


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Maddie and Mia. It's nice to know I have some sympathetic souls out there. :}

Maddie, Rachel is the only one who keeps me sane in a sea of frilly, girly-girls. ;) It's nice to have someone with common interests, isn't it?

Mia, we don't get snow here very often either. It's usually a one or two day event for us, too, if it even comes at all. Papa's sister lives up in the mountains, though, so they get snow pretty often.

Have a good weekend, gals!


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Maggie, sorry that you are getting stuck with boring posts, I have the same problem on our blog too. We have missed hearing from you but sure understand how busy everyone can get around this time of year, but letting the little thing write her life story and not letting you post is wrong. I agree with you.

Cannot wait to see how your movie night goes, and again I understand how hard it is to pick movies that everyone likes, living with Nana too we have 24 of us to make decisions around even though us four are usually the only ones that have time for movies and fun.

It would be hard to travel all 7 of you in the bag, but think of the fun of having all your sister/friends there with you for Thanksgiving. And even if you do not like millions of photo's taken, if there is more of you then maybe she would not take as many single photos.

Gotta run,

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Taryn.

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. As much as I despise photo sessions, I suppose it is more likely that I'll actually be in a header if I'm there! ;) I was kind of looking forward to having control of the house while the humans were gone, though. It's a tough choice.

Yeah, Belle can be pretty annoying, but everyone else doesn't seem to be bothered by her...which makes me even more annoyed. It's not like she's been pushy or anything, she's just been constantly on the computer, typing as fast as her fingers will allow her to. Well, I guess it's more like "as fast as her hands will allow her to". Her fingers are too small to get an entire computer key down, so she has to slap each key with the palm of her hand to get them to work. Anyway, maybe I can have a persuasive talk with her. And if that doesn't work, I could always throw her outside or something. Of course, I doubt Tess or Mama would go for that.

I think our movie night will be okay, especially since we have other activities planned as well. It's just rather amusing seeing the differences in all of our tastes. I just have to remind Tess and Emma that they CANNOT watch the 4 hour long version of "Pride and Prejudice"!! :}

Have a good weekend, and say "hi" to all of your sisters for me.


The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi Maggie, this is Fiona. :-)

We're sorry to hear your mama got hurt. We hope she feels better soon!

Movie night sounds fun, whatever you choose to watch. Sometimes it's nice just to sit around and watch something together, even if it's not your favourite kind of movie ever. It's fun to be with family and friends.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! :-)

Our Thanksgiving was in October, so it's over now, but it was fun.

Good luck with the photos, whoever ends up going! I know getting pictures taken can be annoying, but it would be cool to have some snow shots of all of you together.


beast'sbelle said...

Hi Fiona,

I think Mama should feel better soon, as long as she's a good girl and doesn't try rearranging the furniture or anything! ;)

Movie night should turn out all right. It's been a while since we've all done something together as a group. As long as I don't have to watch too much Jane Austen, I'll be fine!! :}

I keep forgetting that you celebrate Thanksgiving early in Canada! I'm sure our Thanksgiving will be good, even if we spend it taking tons of photos. I suppose it would be nice to have a good group shot in the snow, especially since it hardly ever snows here. I'm not really pinning my hopes on going, though. Mama tends to stress out and get overwhelmed when she has to travel. I could see her freaking out at the last minute and deciding that taking 7 dolls and their clothes was just too much. We'll keep you all informed, though.

Thanks for commenting!


Mary said...

I hope beast'sbelle gets well soon! :)

Movie night sounds awesome! I would personally like Jane Austen, but not Bollywood and not Captain America. You might say I'm a Tangled-style gal with dash of Jane Austen and a sprinkle of How to Train Your Dragon. Funny, huh? ;)

Oh, and I just found out that Emily, who I thought was an "only doll," so to speak, has a sister!! Her name is Joy, isn't that pretty? I hope she will come home soon, but the soonest would be around Christmas. She also has a half-sister named Auderia. She won't be coming home soon, though, the soonest would be a year. :(

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Mary. Mama has another appointment with her chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.

I think you'd fit right in with most of us with your movie choices...although I'm disappointed there are so many Jane Austen fans in the world, I must say! ;)

I hope Emily's sister gets to come home as soon as possible! :) Family is important. Mama is working on coordinating a time for me to meet my sister, although she'll still be living at Grandmama's house. I'm excited, but kind of nervous, too.

Talk to you later!


Mary said...

Emma, this is for you - there is a giveaway on AmericanGirlFan for....A MINI ANNIVERSARY CECILE!!! :D

beast'sbelle said...

Ow...I really wish I hadn't read this comment with Emma right next to me. I'm now deaf from her screams of excitement. I think she got your message, Mary!