Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Soooo Bored...

It's been such a long couple of weeks.  Mama is so busy running around de-cluttering like a madwoman, she's barely given us a second glance.  Seriously, that woman needs to chill out a bit.

So I'm basically posting to inform you that we might not be on the computer as much for a while.  Mama's been super busy and her kids have been everywhere, so we've pretty much been confined to our room.  It totally stinks, but that's one of the downsides of being a part of the vinyl/cloth don't always get to choose your day's activities.

She's also started this new paranoia thing where she doesn't like us to be on the computer while she's away if she doesn't have Internet access.  What's up with that?  Does she not trust us or something?  Yeah, like Tess is going to go on some evil website while Mama's away!

Anyway, the big question of the hour is which doll (if any) will be the lucky one to accompany Mama to LA in a couple of weeks.  I think she's leaning towards Hayden (figures...we're not playing favorites or anything!).  Of course, Hayden just got back from a week-long vacation with Mama...but what do I care?  My last vacation was just last year...but I'm not bitter or anything. 

Nothing else to say for now, I guess.  We'll try to get a post or two in soon if we can, but no promises.  I'm off to stare at the ceiling again.  Ho-hum.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest Post by Hayden: My Vacation

Hello everyone!  It's Hayden again, here to tell you about my fantastic vacation! :)  Mama decided to take me with her this past week when she went to visit Papa's family.  I was so excited!

Mama's sister-in-law's place is full of beauty.  I loved being able to explore her yard while I was there.  I'm sure Pemberly couldn't have had more lovely grounds (Tess has been getting me into Jane Austen...can you tell?). ;)  I only wished I was wearing more elegant attire.  Sigh.

There were so many wonderful plants to enjoy.

Mama had me pose for this picture...

...but before long, I decided to climb the tree trunk instead!  I couldn't risk being found by the Sheriff of Nottingham, or perhaps a desperate band of marooned pirates!

I was so glad that I got to wade across the creek this time!  The last time I visited, it snowed, and it was much too cold for wading.

There were all sorts of little paths to follow and places to hide.  My imagination was nearly running away with me, it had so much inspiration from my surroundings!  I pretended that I'd somehow entered Narnia.  I wondered if Aslan or Mr. Tumnus would come around the corner at any minute. (See Maggie?  I got a Narnia reference in there too, just for you!) ;)

There were even pine cones that were just my size!

I was so happy rambling through the yard.  I made up all sorts of interesting stories in my head, and must have imagined myself as 20 different storybook heroines. ;)

For most of my visit there, however, I stayed inside.  Most of Mama's relatives don't realize that I'm actually alive, so I had to keep very still to avoid startling them.  When everyone was asleep, though, I would sneak down from my spot and read books or open the drapes and look out at the beautiful stars.  Sometimes, I just listened to the wind blowing through the pine trees.  I think I'd like to live in that area sometime. :) 

On the last day of our vacation week, we took a long trip to the Trinity Alps Resort, where Papa used to go every summer as a small boy.  I'd heard a lot about it, and couldn't wait to see it for myself!

Here we are!

This is the General Store at the beginning of the resort.  You can buy all sorts of supplies here, wash your dirty laundry, or play pool and ping pong.  They also have ice cream!  Mama's daughters couldn't wait to have some, and I have to admit I was pretty excited by the thought of ice cream too! ;)

We had to drive a long ways in before we were able to get out of the car.  I was just itching to explore.  It was all so wonderful...just like something from a storybook! 

This tree was absolutely enormous and covered with soft moss.  Mama lifted me up so she could get a picture. :)

Bridge Camp is where Papa and Mama would camp with the family in years past (it's been several years since they've made it up here).  When Papa was young, though, he used to stay in the cabins up near the General Store. 

I so felt like Maid Marian in this picture! :D

The scenery was simply breathtaking!  Mama couldn't stop taking pictures.

This time around, we went to the Wilderness area to visit and eat together.  Later on, the plan was to hike to Cherry Flat.  I couldn't wait!

I wandered to the edge of the "Wilderness Area" and noticed that there was a great view of the Trinity River.

I was so amazed, I couldn't seem to tear myself away from the view.

I felt as if I could stay there for hours, just drinking in the beauty around me.

But eventually, it was time to return to the picnic site for lunch.  I wasn't very hungry, so I spent my time doing some more exploring while the humans ate. 

Later that afternoon, we went down to the river and found a spot that was the perfect depth for me. 

Brrr!!  The water was so cold!

After a while I got used to it, though.

After a full day of playing in the water and having another meal, we all decided to hike up to Cherry Flat.  (Papa's sister said that she didn't understand why it was called that...there are no cherries there, and it's not flat!).  The scenery was simply amazing the whole way up!! 

And it was no less amazing when we got there.  Papa, 2 of his nephews, and his brother in law all jumped off of the big rocks into the water (not in this spot...there was a nice, deep pool nearby!).  I was kind of thankful I was a doll and not allowed to get all the way in the water...I think I would have been a little too scared to jump that far! 

After Cherry Flat, it was getting late, so we packed everything up and headed back towards the front of the resort.  We stopped for ice cream at the General Store just before leaving.  I decided to try Strawberry ice cream in a cone.

It was absolutely delicious! :)

After that, we all piled into our cars and went home.  I feel like Trinity will forever be imprinted on my memory, though, as one of the most beautiful places I've ever known.  I feel like I've walked through Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest, and discovered the Seven Dwarfs' cottage.  I believe I may have even caught a glimpse of Buttercup and Westley as they headed towards the Fire Swamp, or seen Sleeping Beauty dancing and singing with her forest friends. :)  

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tess's Tidbits: Updates

Hello everyone.  It's so nice to be back on the blog after taking a bit of a break! :)  Did you enjoy Charlie and Rachel's vacation posts?  I thought they did a wonderful job, especially for their first time without any input from Maggie or myself. :)

I just wanted to let all of you know that we won't be on the computer for a while.  Mama and her family will be out of town until late next week, and she's requested that we stay off of the computer during that time.  Maggie was livid at this request (Mama has never asked such a thing of us before), and I must confess that I'm having a difficult time understanding her reasoning myself, but we have to do what she says.  Well, that's my take.  Maggie might challenge the rules. ;)

Anyway, if you don't hear from us for a while, or we don't publish or respond to your comments, that's why. We're officially taking a break until Mama returns.  But don't despair.  We'll be cooking up a few posts during that time so that you'll have something really enjoyable to read when we come back. :)

Meanwhile, we'll have the house all to ourselves for several days, which will be a wonderful change.  I'm sure we'll have a movie night or two, read some books...perhaps we'll even play some games or put on a show.  I'm really looking forward to having some time with just dolls in the house. :)

I'm afraid that's all I have time for this morning...Belle is waiting to do a quick post on her blog as well.  We'll talk to all of you later next week! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breaking News with Maggie: We've Been Awarded! :)

This is Maggie Wilson of "Breaking News with Maggie", relieved to finally be posting again!!

What?  Charlie and Rachel's posts were fine, especially for beginners, but surely you've missed the actual bloggers around here, right?  Just sayin'.

Anyway, Wendy over at Wendy's Life awarded us with the "Your Blog is Great" award (thanks, Wendy!).  Of course, we already knew that our blog was great, but it's nice to know that others recognize our genius as well. ;)

Okay, moving on before Tess feels the need to get on here and apologize for my "shocking behavior".  }:)

So the rules for this award are simple.  You put a copy of the award on your post, you list the rules (which I"m kinda doing in my own lazy way), you list five other bloggers you'd like to reward, and then you comment on those five blogs to let them know they've been awarded.

We've chosen to award:
  1.  Mia of "Mia's Musings" (Hi Mia!)
  2.  Alexandra at "Of Trims and Frills and Furbelows" (Okay, what in the world is a furbelow?  It sounds like a fancy Furby or something.  Can you guess which two of the three of us thought of awarding this blog?  No offense, Alexandra.) :}
  3.  Deb of "Debonair Designs" (Our friend who makes amazing doll sweaters and other nifty items.  I'm a little miffed that Mama hasn't gotten one for ME yet.)
  4.  My Froggy Stuff"My Froggy Stuff" (This lady is awesome!!  Have you seen her craft ideas?  And all for dolls like me...and even stuff for those of you who are actually into the 12 inchers like Belle of -gag-Belle's Bulletins.)
  5.  Piper of "Pleasant Piper" (Piper's really cool, plus she has really amazing pics on her blog.  Maybe someday Mama will be that good with a camera.) ;)

Okay, I think I covered everything.  Mama told me that this award has been circulating for quite a while now, so if any of you have already been awarded, feel free to ignore it. ;)

Until next time, this is Maggie Wilson, signing off.

Our Trip to Eureka Part 3: A Guest Post by Rachel and Charlie

All too soon, our vacation was over, and it was time to go back home.  After Mama got all of our things packed, we said goodbye to Jess (which felt a little silly, since she'd be back in our hometown later that day!)

It was such a beautiful day, Mama decided we needed a few parting shots in the front yard.  You know how she is about her photo shoots!

This one is my favorite!

Yeah, but this picture was a lot more fun, especially for me!  I got to climb so high in this tree!

I'm not sure what kind of tree it was, but it had these beautiful yellow flowers growing from it.  I think I'll have to Google it sometime and see what type it is. ;)

And here are lots more pics of us, just because Mama couldn't stop once she got started.  It's a little embarrassing! :}

On the way home, we stopped at the carousel that Mama's daughters love so much.  It's on a car lot, and the company gives free rides all week long!  It's become a new tradition for Mama's family to end their trip with a carousel ride. :) 

Here we are on our horse!  It was a little tricky for Mama to get the picture, so it's not the best one of us. ;)

And after that, it was back in the car for the long trip home.  

We were really tired after our long week, but we were so glad we were able to go.  Now that it was over, though, we couldn't wait to get home and see our friends and sisters again. :)  

We were so worn out, we didn't get any pics of our arrival home.  It was great to see everyone again.  All the dolls loved the souvenirs we brought them.  We'll try to get a post up showing what we got for everyone at some point in the future.  

For now, though, we hope you enjoyed our posts about our wonderful vacation.  Thanks for putting up with us as we tried to figure out this blogging can be a little bit overwhelming when you're first starting out!  I have a lot more respect for Tess and Maggie now! :)

See you all later!

Rachel and Charlie