Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Trip to Eureka Part 2: A Guest Post by Rachel and Charlie

We're back!  Do you remember the drill?  I (Rachel) have the black font and I (Charlie) have the blue. ;)

Sunday was a very lazy day.  Mama and her family normally go to church while they're over there, but none of us had slept well, so we all stayed home that morning.  

It rained for most of the day, so we decided to have a pajama day. :)

I noticed the new "Muppets" DVD in the living room, and I remembered how much Rachel loved them, so I suggested that we watch the movie together.

Grandmama had brought her little portable DVD player, so she set it up for us on the bed.  Jess came and joined us too.  Oh, and we went to the kitchen and raided the snacks before starting our movie. :D

I was so excited to finally see this movie!  I'd been wanting to see it since it was first released.  Overall, it was really funny...there were just a few parts that even I, a major Muppet fan, found a little odd.  Especially the "Man or Muppet" song. :}  I think that Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island are still my favorites, but this one had some really fun parts too. :)

Like this one! ;D

When the movie was done, we all fell asleep, surrounded by our snacks and dreaming Muppety dreams. ;)

On Monday, we got to go to the COOLEST STORE EVER!!   It was called "Toy Box" and was absolutely amazing! :)

Charlie and I loved all of the adorable Calico Critter families.  

We'd seen them on Inky's blog, and Tess has one also.  We hoped we could convince Mama to let us pick out a family for ourselves, but she said they were too expensive.  It's probably just as well, because we wanted different families anyway.  I really liked the white mouse family, and Charlie liked the cow family. :}

We almost talked Mama into getting us a set of twins, but it was just too hard to choose one set.  They were all so cute! :)

Next, we moved on to the toy animals.  There were so many of them!

Oh, yeah...I could have easily spent the whole day there! :)

These elephants were really cute.

And then, we got distracted by these really nifty shiny rocks.  You could choose a little sack and fill it up with as many rocks as you could fit in there.  How cool is that?

I started choosing some rocks...

...and so did I.  But then Mama drew our attention to...

...the Iwako erasers!!  They were really cute and a nice inexpensive thing for Mama to buy for us.  We chose a few for ourselves (I chose this cute pink monkey)...

...and we chose some for my sisters, too.

I got this fun little blue Koala. :)

We did some other fun things that day but didn't take any more pictures.  It started raining buckets and Mama didn't want us getting too wet.

Tuesday was a beautiful, sunny day, so we decided to hit the beach again.  Jess was with us again this day, which was nice.  She'd been too tired to join us the day before.

Before we went to the beach, we stopped by Murphy's market in Trinidad for some lunch.

Mama got us a deli sandwich, Cheetos, and blueberries to share.  Belle and Robby were there too, so we let them have some as well.

Then, after lunch we went to "Windan Sea", a special shell souvenir shop that Mama's family has been going to since she was a little girl (except back then it was called "Sea Around Us").  

It was so fun going inside!  There were so many shells, starfish, and other souvenirs to look at.

Jess and I really enjoyed going in, too.  We'd heard about this store before but had never had a chance to visit it when we lived in the Eureka area.  
Charlie and I ended up finding some special souvenirs, but they weren't shells.  More on that in a bit. ;)

At last, it was time to stick our feet in the sand again!  We went to Samoa Dunes and enjoyed the sun and surf.  Since the day was so warm, we'd all worn our swimsuits under our clothes, just in case we felt like getting in the water.

None of us ended up being that brave (although I tried to convince the other two!), so we built a sandcastle instead. :)

Then, when we'd had enough of that, we went for a walk on the beach, staring out at the beautiful waves crashing on the shore.

I asked if the girls were sure they didn't want to try swimming.  They were sure. ;)

Oh, remember what I said about our special souvenirs?  Well, here they are!  See the flowers in our hair?  They're hibiscus flowers made out of foam. :)  Now whenever we wear them, we'll remember our trip. :)

It was such a lovely day.  We didn't want it to end.

But when it did (as all good days must), we sat on the front porch and looked at all of the sea shells we'd found on the beach.

It was really fun comparing all of the shells we'd collected. 

Look at this perfect, doll-sized sand dollar Grandmama found for me!!  Isn't it amazing?

I think Jess found the most sand dollars out of all of us.  They're one of her favorite types of shells, though, so it was perfect for her.  

Well, just one more day to document.  We could technically fit it on this post, but I think we'll save it for another post.  We don't want to overwhelm you with too many pictures. :)

We'll try to get the next post up tomorrow.  Hope you're enjoying hearing about our trip!


Wendy said...

Aw, I love all the beach pictures. =) Looks like you all had fun!

Also, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a "Your Blog is Great!" Award. =)

beastsbelle said...

Wow, thanks Wendy! :) We'll pass the news along to Tess and Maggie.

Glad you liked the pictures, too. :)


misspiggy=awesome said...

I agree about "The Muppets"-some parts were strange. Do you like Miss Piggy? I also saw "Muppet Christmas Carol" and extensively enjoyed it.:) However, the "Marley & Marley" number didn't need to be there. :-(

beastsbelle said...

Miss Piggy makes me laugh, but Kermit is my very favorite. He's just so cute! ;)

I agree with you about "Marley and Marley"...I normally fast forward that song. :)

Nice to meet another Muppet fan! :D