Meet the Gals

For those of you new to the site, here's a page on each of the dolls you'll see featured in the posts.  I thought it would be helpful to give you an official introduction to each of my girls. This will give you some background into their personalities and likes and dislikes. 

"Mama" aka Beast'sbelle

Dolls At Mama's House:

Tess Elaine Prescott: Twelve year old Tess is shy and quiet. She feels things deeply, but sometimes has a hard time expressing them face to face. On paper, however, she can be quite eloquent. Tess dreams of being a writer someday. She is constantly scribbling things down in her many journals. She loves blogging, too!  Nothing is more enjoyable to her than dressing up and feeling elegant and fashionable.  Her idea of a perfect day is a day spent sitting underneath a tree with a good book (preferably by Jane Austen) and some apples and cheese to munch. Tess loves all things Jane Austen. Her favorite book is "Pride and Prejudice", although she's read all of Austen's major works. She also enjoys collecting figurines and old-fashioned things. 

Margaret "Maggie" Elena Wilson: Maggie is Tess's long-time best friend. Outspoken and opinionated, this thirteen year old seems prickly and unapproachable at first. Once you get to know her, though, you find that she really has a warm heart hidden underneath all of the sarcasm. She's also fiercely loyal to her friends. Just don't get on her bad side, or she'll really let you have it! Maggie enjoys reading the "Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Lord of the Rings", and usually has a bit to say about the inadequacies of the movie adaptations of said books. :}  Maggie's idea of a perfect day would be to finally find that hidden doorway to Narnia and spend it there. Maggie also loves and collects unicorns. She hopes one day to be either a children's author or a journalist. She enjoys practicing her possible future in journalism through her "Breaking News with Maggie" posts. 

Emma Grace Hathaway: At fourteen years old, Emma is the oldest of the bunch, yet she doesn't feel like it. She was originally quite close to Katie, but has been closer to her sisters and Tess since Katie moved away.  Emma is kind and compassionate. She hates making decisions of any sort, especially when it means possibly offending someone. Her biggest problem is blurting things out before thinking them through...her words don't always come out the way she meant them.  She's an incurable romantic who loves Jane Austen, Bollywood, and the Disney movies "Tangled" and "Beauty and the Beast". Her idea of the perfect day would be to have a vocal session with Alan Menken or a dancing session with Shahrukh Khan. She also has a few random interests, like watching NASCAR, collecting die cast cars, and listening to Bluegrass music. She loves collecting miscellaneous Disney, Coke, NASCAR and Bollywood items. 

Hayden Brooke Hathaway:  Twelve year old Hayden is the dreamy, imaginative middle sister of Emma and Charlie.  She loves pretending to be characters from her favorite books and movies, and is constantly entertaining her sisters and friends with her made-up stories.  The main thing she has to be careful about is not letting her imagination run away with her, rather like her favorite fictional character:  Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables books. ;)  She loves horses, and also enjoys Strawberry Shortcake (her favorite characters are Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, and Raspberry Torte), Disney Princesses (her favorites are Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel), My Little Ponies (her favorites are Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle), and Lisa Frank.  Her idea of the perfect day would be taking a trip to Disneyland and meeting all of her favorite princesses, or seeing a live play somewhere (and pretending she was the main character, of course!). :)  She collects Breyer horses and Disney Princess stuff.  She also has a few Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony toys that she enjoys.        

Charlotte "Charlie" Nora Hathaway: Don't let Charlotte's refined full name fool you. This eleven year old is anything but prim and proper! Charlotte, or Charlie, as her friends call her, is in a constant state of motion. She adores her big sisters Emma and Hayden, even though they are as different as can be!  Charlie loves sports of all kinds, Irish dances and Celtic music, and exploring the great outdoors. She also loves creation science and figuring out how things work. Her favorite question is "why?", much to the frustration of some of those around her. Charlie tends to get into trouble for plunging happily into situations without thinking them through first. She has so much zest, spunk and excitement for life, though, that it's hard to stay upset with her. Charlie and Hailey are the best of friends, and although they have many differences, the two are inseparable. Unfortunately for Hailey, many of Charlie's ideas lead to BOTH of them getting in trouble. Charlie is a major Pixar nut and has an extensive collection of Pixar toys. Her idea of the perfect day would be a day spent rambling anywhere outside.

Hailey Marie Prescott: Hailey is Tess's ten year old little sister. She is much more outgoing than Tess; she loves making new friends and attending social events. Hailey can talk to anyone and make them feel valued and welcome. She's not necessarily athletic, but she enjoys playing sports and can decently hold her own in most sporting events. She loves trying new things she's never tried before, just to say she's done them.  Hailey loves to sing more than anything else, and is actually quite a little songbird.  She tries to work out her voice every day, determined to be the very best singer she can possibly be.  Her idea of the perfect day would be to sing on a big stage, whether it be at a community theater or on Broadway. She loves the Disney movies "Tangled" and "Enchanted", and she collects Hello Kitty stuff.

Rachel Jane Benson:  Rachel is one of the newer members to join Beast'sbelle's gals. :)  Originally from a small coastal town, fourteen year old Rachel loves nothing more than the feel of sand beneath her feet as she walks along a misty beach.  She loves everything about the ocean and misses it greatly now that she is inland.  At first, Rachel seems shy and quiet, but that's just because she gets nervous around new dolls and people.  Once she's comfortable in an environment, though, she can talk up a storm, especially if the conversation is about Marvel heroes.  She is a big fan of them (in the movies more than the comics), and her very favorite is Thor.  She also loves the Muppets...Kermit is her favorite there.  Rachel collects Marvel action figures, Kermit stuff, and sea shells.  Her idea of the perfect day would be to take a trip to the ocean and stay there until sunset...that, or to have a cameo in a Marvel movie. :)

Jenna Rose Benson:  Rachel's twelve year old little sister is the newest addition to the group.  Outgoing and dramatic, Jenna loves acting and musical theatre.  She's also into fashion and shoes.  Like Hayden, she has a great imagination and is quite creative.  She can be a bit strong-willed, which can get her into sticky situations sometimes, but her gentle older sister is always there for her no matter what.  Originally from New York, Jenna is used to city life and misses the bustle and excitement.  But having so many great friends all around her helps her to adjust.  Jenna dreams of being an actress in musical theatre someday.  Her idea of the perfect day would be a day trip to see a live play anywhere! :)  She collects carousel horses, and also Chococat and My Melody items from Sanrio.

Dolls Now Living Elsewhere:

Piper Olivia Ellison: Twelve year old Piper is the quiet, introspective cousin of Emma and Charlie. She is the exact opposite of Emma, who never stops talking! :) Piper prefers to ponder and muse about things without vocalizing them. She has a deep love for music, especially classical music, and plays the piano and cello. Piper enjoys "The Lord of the Rings", Bollywood movies, and musicals, especially "Fiddler on the Roof", "The Sound of Music", and "The Lord of the Rings" stage production. She collects dolls and Chococat (from Sanrio). Because of her personality, it can be hard for others to get to know her. Once they see past her quiet exterior, however, they discover a patient, gentle gal with a sweet nature. Piper's idea of the perfect day would be to spend 24 hours in a concert hall with good acoustics, listening to the world's finest musicians play. That, or spending a day with her sister, Ruthie.  She also has a secret wish to meet Shahid Kapoor. :)

Kathryn "Katie" Serena Peterson: An adventurous thirteen year old, Katie is Tess and Hailey's cousin. She loves nothing more than to travel to new and exciting places. Katie enjoys everything about travel:  the adventure, the delicious food, the excitement of going somewhere she's never gone before, the beauty of the scenery...Her life goal is to visit as many of the countries of the world as she possibly can. Katie also enjoys photography and would love to be a professional photographer someday. She is a fan of Big Bands music (especially by Glen Miller) and old romantic movies. Her favorite movie of all time is "Roman Holiday", starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, but she also loves old Carey Grant movies. Katie's idea of a perfect day would be to take a trip...ANYWHERE!!! 

Lucille "Lucy" Jeanne  Peterson:  Six year old Lucy is a little lady...that's the best way to describe her.  She loves ribbons, frills and tea parties.  Lucy is Katie's little sister, and the littlest cousin of Tess and Hailey.  She loves ballet more than anything, and is determined to be a world-famous dancer some day.  She also enjoys Barbies and My Little Ponies.  Being the youngest of the whole group can be difficult, but Lucy bears it with ease.  Being the youngest also means you get doted on and spoiled!! :)  Lucy's idea of the perfect day would be a day in which she performed the role of Marie in the Nutcracker with a famous ballet troupe.  That, or to go to ToysRus and have unlimited funds for more Barbies and My Little Ponies!  

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So now you've officially gotten to know the girls a little better. I hope this helps you appreciate Tess and Maggie's future blog posts even more! :)



Emmie said...

where did you get maggie's style necklace? I would love if my dolls could have those too!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Emmie! Mama got my necklace on You can go to etsy and look up "scrabble tile pendant" or "scrabble tile necklace". A lot of shops will do a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal, so watch for that. :) Among our favorite etsy sellers that do scrabble tile pendants are Paper Pistol and paisleymonday.

If you're interested in a bottle cap necklace like Charlie's, we like the seller Factory Twenty 9 on

Have fun shopping! ;)


Kelly&Me said...

Maggie. All I can say is you are absolutely gorgeous in this picture of you! Compliments o the photographer:)

beast'sbelle said...

Well thanks, Kelly&Me. :) I'm flattered. That was a really fun photo shoot. I just had to climb trees all afternoon while Mama took pics. What's not to like? ;) Thanks for commenting.


Mary said...

I like Piper's pic (but you all look beautiful!) because it makes her personality come out...she looks quiet but happy and sophisticated. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Mary. :) I'll be sure to pass the message along to her. :)


Werena said...

I love your blog and all of your dolls! Bu you have Katie's name all wrong it's supposed to be Serena Katherine, JK lol my name is Serena my middle name Katherine.

beastsbelle said...

Hi, Werena! Welcome to our blog. Lol...that's funny that your name is so close to Katie's, but I'm pretty sure Mama got her name right. ;)

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Are Ella and Alice going to have a bio? I think they ' re both awesome, by the way! :)

beastsbelle said...

Yep! Once we get ourselves all organized and everything. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you me and my sisters are thinking about publishing our own blog. I'm doing anonymous cause I'm very shy unlike my two sisters who are both very outgoing. Your blog is the best!

beastsbelle said...

Honey, I'm so glad we've helped you think about starting a blog of your own. I hope you do! We all wish you the best in starting a new adventure with your sisters. :)

Tess and Friends

Condoleezza said...

Hi I love your blog but do you only do ag dolls because I am from London 

beastsbelle said...

Hi Condoleezza! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Since I'm in the USA, American Girl dolls and Gotz dolls are the easiest ones for me to find.

My main blog, Never Grow Up, (there's a blog button on the right sidebar above you can click to get there) features reviews and photos of other types of dolls and toys, and my Disney Store Belle doll also has a blog (Belle's Bulletins), but here you'll pretty much just find AG, Gotz, or Madame Alexander dolls. Sorry to disappoint you!


Manta said...

(To Beastsbelle: I'M saying I'm enjoying reading all the old posts up to the present.;) I read all of Belle's Bulletins and now I'm reading all of Tess's and Maggie's.:) These blogs are AWESOME:) And now my DAC Elsa wants to say something too.:))

Elsa: Tess and Maggie, you guys are so lucky! How did you get Beastsbelle to let you do a blog?? I want to make one, but Manta says she's too busy-what has that got to do with us dolls?!-and she might not get permission...:(
(me here: Um, well, I do have permission to make a doll-run blog, Elsa, but I really don't think I have time...:P)

beastsbelle said...

Manta, I'm so glad you're enjoying the blogs. Tess, Maggie, and Belle are thrilled to have new readers. ;)

Hi Elsa. Maggie here. When Mama let us start our blog, she was a lot less busy. She does tend to complain about being too busy now, though. I think it's because even though we do the writing, she'll help us with editing and stuff like that, so it's a big job for her, too. Humans can be kind of whiny, can't they? ;)

Hope you get to do your blog sometime!


Beast'sbelle here again: Manta, blogging (even helping your dolls with their blogging) can be very time-consuming, so I understand your hesitation. You could always start small and see how it goes, or even try a few draft posts without starting a blog. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what works for you and your schedule. :)

Ruth Pevensie said...

Oh my goodness Maggie, you and me must be long lost twins or something! Well, maybe not, but we sure do love the same things. I love Narnia! It's like, the best thing ever! I'm always prepared to suddenly open a closet and find it. (Ignoring the last book, mwahaha.)



beastsbelle said...

Hi Ruth! Cool to meet you. ;) Glad you're into awesome stuff like Narnia and unicorns. It sounds like you have good taste. ;)