Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Soooo Bored...

It's been such a long couple of weeks.  Mama is so busy running around de-cluttering like a madwoman, she's barely given us a second glance.  Seriously, that woman needs to chill out a bit.

So I'm basically posting to inform you that we might not be on the computer as much for a while.  Mama's been super busy and her kids have been everywhere, so we've pretty much been confined to our room.  It totally stinks, but that's one of the downsides of being a part of the vinyl/cloth don't always get to choose your day's activities.

She's also started this new paranoia thing where she doesn't like us to be on the computer while she's away if she doesn't have Internet access.  What's up with that?  Does she not trust us or something?  Yeah, like Tess is going to go on some evil website while Mama's away!

Anyway, the big question of the hour is which doll (if any) will be the lucky one to accompany Mama to LA in a couple of weeks.  I think she's leaning towards Hayden (figures...we're not playing favorites or anything!).  Of course, Hayden just got back from a week-long vacation with Mama...but what do I care?  My last vacation was just last year...but I'm not bitter or anything. 

Nothing else to say for now, I guess.  We'll try to get a post or two in soon if we can, but no promises.  I'm off to stare at the ceiling again.  Ho-hum.

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