Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tess's Tidbits: An Apology

Hello, dearest readers!  I just wanted to apologize that it's been so long since we've posted.  As any of you who follow Mama's blog know, Mama recently returned from a week-long vacation (during which we were not allowed to use the computer).  And then, shortly after she got back, she went into a flurry of rearranging, which included some serious upheaval to our doll rooms!  We've just now started to feel slightly settled again, although Hailey and I have temporarily switched rooms with Maggie and Rachel, so I don't feel quite as at home as I could be.  Poor Maggie is completely perturbed to be stuck in a room with Jane Austen and Tangled posters! ;)  (Mama didn't want to take them down since Hailey and I will eventually be there again.)

All of that to say that we have been thinking about posting but have simply been far too busy and distracted to actually sit down and do it.  Most of this next week, we'll have to give the computer over to Mama, as she's celebrating her 2 Year Blogoversary (hurray, Mama!).  After she's done the bulk of her posting, we hope to have a post or two up for you, though.  Thank you so much for your patience.  We miss you all! :(

P.S.  We also noticed that our playlist seems to be having troubles today...Mama's is too.  We're thinking it might be an issue with itself, because when we tried to get to the website to check things out, Google Chrome couldn't get us there.  We'll try to figure out the problem and get our lovely music up again as soon as possible. :)

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