Friday, February 24, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Happy Late Birthday, Charlie!

Hey guys!  I know, I know, we've been leaving you hanging for a while.  It was all I could do to get on the computer even today!  Between Belle and Mama's blogging (and having two of Mama's daughters home all week instead of one), computer time has been rare.

So, we finally celebrated Charlie's birthday yesterday...a week late. (And yes, I realize that this post should technically be written by Emma, since it regards her sister's birthday, but Emma already wrote two posts in a row.  I don't want her forgetting that this blog is labeled "A Blog by Tess and Maggie".)  We didn't get any pictures of the actual was just one of those weeks for Mama.  It was fun, though.  There was cake and we all sang to her.  Then Mama gave Charlie her present:  a dog!  (I feel kinda bad for Hayden...she gets Squinkies, and Charlie gets a pet.  Is someone playing favorites, here?)

Charlie's been asking and asking for a dog for I don't even know how long.  I guess Mama finally decided to give in.  At least this type of dog is a lot less stressful than a real dog:  no dog messes to clean up, and no fleas! :)

Charlie took one look at him and instantly fell in love.  Mama told her that she'd have to share him with her sisters, but he would be considered her dog.  After taking some suggestions, she decided to name him "Rontu", after the dog from "The Island of the Blue Dolphins".  I've never read it, but Hayden and Charlie both have, and they thought the dog looked similar to the way the original Rontu was described in the book.  

Today, Charlie took Rontu outside for some exercise, and Mama got some pics (are you really surprised?).  

So far, he's been a very well-behaved dog, which is good, since he's staying in Emma, Hayden and Charlie's room.  Last night, he slept at the foot of Charlie's bed.  I have a feeling that will become a long-standing habit. He's pretty cool, though.  I'm not really a dog person myself, but I couldn't help liking him.  He's one of those super friendly dogs that just loves everybody.  But there's no one he loves more than Charlie.  They've been completely inseparable.  So now Charlie has a pal to join her in all of her outdoor ramblings.  And we all get the benefit of playing with a dog we don't have to take care of. :)

Well, we hope to get back into a routine of regular posting soonish, but I can't make any promises.  We are entering into the heart of "Birthday Party Season", as Mama calls it, since her middle daughter's party was postponed.  I have a feeling Mama's going to be super stressed and putting us to work instead of letting us blog!  We'll be in touch, some point! ;) 


Claire said...

Aw, I love Charlie's new dog! We happen to have quite a few pets our size over here since Claire's sisters practically live and breathe little animals that are our size (although Claire has a bit of a share in that...might I mention my best friend's rabbit?). ;)

Seeing your "celebrating Charlie's birthday...a week late" statement made me think that I had better get started on my several-weeks-late belated blogoversary. Claire's been so busy these last few weeks that she hasn't had time to help me plan it! :P

Give my best birthday wishes to Charlie! :)


(PS - this is directed towards you, Maggie, not Charlie: we've gotten Captain America from the library and we're nearly finished with it. Claire and I love it, but Claire's sisters think it's "boring". Then again, Claire is the oddball in her family for having an odd liking to superheroes. ;))

The Greens and The Roses said...

Happy birthday to Charlie, and congrats on her new dog! They look so sweet together.


beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Mia and Summer. I'll pass your comments along to Charlie. :)

Mia, I'm happy to hear that there are a few more Captain America fans! :D I'm soooo excited for "The Avengers" to come seems like May will never get here! :}


Reese said...

Hi Maggie! Happy late birthday Charlie! Rontu is so cute.

Love, Reese <3

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Reese. I'll let her know. ;)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Happy fun party for Charlie, her new dog Rontu is soooooo cute .. he is going to be a wonderful pet for you guys, I am so excited for you all ..


beastsbelle said...

Thanks Taryn. :) I have to admit, Rontu's pretty cool. He's got us all wrapped around his little, you know what I mean. ;)