Thursday, May 5, 2011

Emma's Editorials: Piper is Here!! :D

Just wanted to let everyone know that our sister Piper arrived here safe and sound today.  She's really tired from her long trip and pretty overwhelmed by all of the sudden changes, so we're going to give her some time to get settled in for a while.  We probably won't formally introduce her until sometime next week. 

Charlie and I were a little nervous when Mama came and told us that she was here.  [We didn't get to see Mama open her box, :( but that was probably better because Piper was shipped with no clothes on! I think she would have been pretty embarrassed to meet us in that condition!]  Would she like us?  Would we all get along?

It was a little awkward at first.  She didn't say much of anything at all.  After some faltering small talk, she asked Mama if she could rest for a little while.  Charlie and I were really worried.  She didn't seem even slightly excited to be with us. 

When Mama came back from taking Piper to the room to rest, she reassured us, saying Piper was just trying to adjust to all the new things in her life.  She told us to give it a little time.

A few hours later, Piper woke up.  She was still pretty quiet, but she didn't seem as listless and uninterested as before.  We didn't talk much, but we did confirm that she really likes Chococat (she even has a really cute necklace with him on it).  She also enjoys musicals, the Lord of the Rings (Maggie is thrilled), and...get this...Bollywood movies!!!!  I knew there was something I liked about this girl! ;) 

Even after our conversations, we still have so much to learn about her.  She seems really shy and reserved.  Of course, that may change once she gets some rest and gets to know us. :) 

I can't wait for all of you to meet her!  Be sure to check back next week!

P.S.  For those of you who are worried, no, I haven't taken over Tess and Maggie's blog.  I just happened to be the one with the most subjects to post about in the last couple of weeks. :}  You should be hearing from Tess and Maggie again soon!

P.P.S.  In other exciting news, Grandmama got another doll today, too!  We'll give you more info about her when we post about Piper. :)


The Green Girls said...

Wow, congratulations to your whole family! How great that Piper is home! Glad she made it safely.

It's really not surprising that she was feeling pretty exhausted and weird about the whole thing. I'm sure she'll settle in soon.

Have lots of fun together! :-)

Bree (and the other Green Girls)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Bree! We're really happy to have her with us. She must be tired...she's still fast asleep this morning! We can't wait till things get more comfortable between us and we really get the chance to know her. :)


Sabine Bouchard said...

Piper sounds very cool. I'm glad that she made it home safely! I cannot wait to get to know her through your blog.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Sabine! We're looking forward to introducing her to all of you, too! :) We've been enjoying a relaxing, low-key day together. She is definitely very cool! :D