Friday, August 3, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Hi...Remember Us?

Heh it's...uh...been a bit since we've posted.  But seriously, if you'd known what we've been going through lately, you'd understand.  All I can say is between Olympics and Mama's 2 Year Blogoversary stuff and 3 crazy human girls constantly running around, we've found it a bit difficult to post.  That, and Mama's kind of been focusing on her other dolls lately.  Don't mind us.  We're just the ones that started this whole thing.  We're not important at all.  But I'm not bitter or anything.  Really.

So, we should have a "real" post up sometime this weekend, because Mama has promised to let us actually have the computer for a while.  And no, we haven't forgotten that our 2 Year Blogoversary is Monday.  And yes, we do actually have a plan for it...mostly.  So stay tuned!

That's all I can manage for tonight, but our next post will be must more interesting.  Pinky promise. ;)


S and O and V said...

Hey Maggie! I know what you mean, between vacation, the Olympics, MasterChef, Project Runway... all that human stuff, I've had no time to post on my blog! We also plan on posting soon... soonish...

~ Macy ~

beastsbelle said...

Glad we're not the only ones, Macy. ;)