Monday, August 6, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Two Years!!

And you thought we forgot that today was our 2 Year Blogoversary!  As if we could forget a thing like that!!  Oh no, meticulous planning and great effort went into our preparations for this day.  And just because we appeared to have delayed the publishing of this post, it doesn't mean that's what really happened.

Okay, truth be told, I slept in and then Mama was hogging the computer all morning (again!!).  She's planning on cancelling Netflix at the end of this month, so she's been catching up on a few things she's been wanting to watch.  I tried to tell her we had important business for our blog, but the woman's a complete tyrant!  Don't let her "oh, I'm so nice and helpful" persona on her blog fool you...we dolls know the real story...

Oh, stinkazoid, Tess is coming...

No, Tess, you don't need to read what I've typed...Yes, I realize it's your Blogoversary too, but... be continued, everyone.

P.S.  Thanks for 2 great years, and don't forget who provides all of the entertainment on this blog, no matter what Tess says! ;)

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