Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Emma's Editorials: My Trip with Mama, Day 2

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The next morning, the first thing I saw when I woke up was a sweet-looking Belle doll, sitting against a lamp and smiling.  She waved at me and shyly said hello.  

It took me a while to wake up enough to respond correctly.  I was so surprised to see her sitting there so casually.  I hadn't even known Mama had purchased her from the Disney Store yesterday.  I mean, sure, I'd seen the big bag, but I hadn't seen inside it.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.  Mama had talked about adding a DAC Belle to her collection.

Belle looked a little unsure of herself at my lack of a polite response.  Embarrassed by my bad manners, I smiled and told her good morning.  Her expression instantly brightened again.

While I was busy exchanging morning greetings, Kailani and Janie woke up.  Mama had told me that today she and Grandmama and Mimi were planning on going to as many thrift stores as they could find around town.  Janie, Kailani and I had decided that going in and out of a million stores didn't sound like much fun.  Besides, it wasn't often that we had a whole big hotel room to ourselves. :}  We officially declared it a pajama day and couldn't wait to have some fun without the humans. :) 

As soon as Mama and the others left, we made our plans.  We told Belle she was welcome to join us, but she decided she'd prefer to stay in her spot.  It always takes newly purchased dolls a while to get used to their freedom. ;)  We had no such problem.  Our first activity of the day was bouncing on the huge hotel bed. :D  Big beds make the best trampolines. ;)

After we were all bounced out, we decided to watch a little TV.  Unfortunately, Mimi had left the remote on the tall dresser, so Janie and I had to give Kailani a boost so she could reach it.

We decided we needed some snacks while we watched.  The refrigerator stash was pretty disappointing.

Thankfully, we found some other better-tasting goodies to tide us over. :)

There's nothing like candy, chips, pretzels, and TV in the morning.  It's good to be a doll. ;)

When we'd spent...ahem...a rather longish time watching TV, we decided we needed to do something a little more stimulating.  Good thing I'd brought my Boggle game! ;)

I had a lot of fun, but I lost every time.  Janie and Kailani are AMAZING at word games!!  I think I need to get in a little more practice. ;)

We did lots of other things, like races around the room and a cartwheel competition.  We even tried seeing who could stand on their heads the longest.  I ended up with a bit of a headache after that contest, though. ;)

We thought about going swimming.  There was a heated indoor pool and we'd all brought our swimsuits.  Unfortunately, this was the day that 4 Little League teams checked into the hotel.  Sharing a pool with a hotel full of 10 year old little human boys did NOT sound like a fun idea. :}

So instead, we decided to order room service.  But we couldn't figure out how to work the phone.  

About that time, Mama, Mimi, and Grandmama came back.  I couldn't believe that the whole day had passed already!  Mama said that it was late and we should get ready for bed.

I didn't think I was tired, but as soon as my head hit the sleeping bag, I was OUT!  Who knew that a day spent cooped up in one room could make you so sleepy? ;)

Even Belle was tired, and she didn't do anything but sit and watch us all day!  Kailani very kindly shared her blanket with Belle so she'd be more comfortable.  It must be hard to sleep when your eyes stay open all the time, though! ;)

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Kyles Korner said...

Nana is hooked on your stories.

I think it's partly because they sound so much like our trips.

They're fun and comforting.


beastsbelle said...

Hi Kyle,

We had a great time. It's always fun reading about your Nana's trips, too. :)