Friday, August 2, 2013

Breaking News with...Emma? An Interview with Alice

Um, hi everyone.  I know you're used to hearing "Breaking News with Maggie", but since Alice didn't want to write her own post about her vacation, she decided an interview would be better, and I knew that Maggie would want to do a "Breaking News" post, but I felt that Alice would feel more comfortable with me since I'm her cousin, and Maggie was...sort of...okay with me taking her place just this there you are.  (Sorry about the run-on sentence...I get super wordy when I'm apologizing.) :}

So, now that that's over, welcome to "Breaking News with Emma"!  I'm Emma Hathaway, and today I'm interviewing my cousin, Miss Alice Ellison.  She's going to tell us all about her recent vacation to the coast with Mama's family.

E:  Thanks for joining me, Miss Ellison.

A:  Um, you can call me Alice.

E:  Sorry, but Maggie was very specific that if she let me take over, I had to do the interview properly.

A:  Oh...uh...okay.  Does that mean I have to call you "Miss Hathaway"?  

E:  That would probably be best.  You know how Maggie gets...

A: (laughing nervously) 'Nuff said!  Miss Hathaway it is.

E:  So, Miss Ellison, could you tell us about your trip?  

A:  Sure...what do you want to know?

E:  Oh, I guess you need more specific questions, don't you?  Hmm, this interviewing stuff is tougher than I thought!  Uh, what did you do first?

A:  Well, first we drove for a REALLY long time.  

Here I am in the truck, ready to go! :)

I didn't think we'd EVER get there.  If only Mama had access to the TARDIS.  It would have been a lot quicker. ;)

E:  Um...right.  So, did you make any stops on the way?

A:  One stop for food.  I shared something called a "burrito supreme" with's apparently one of her favorites, and I can see why.  It was so yummy!

E:  Yum!  I've had one of those, too.  Did you make any other stops?

A:  A couple of bathroom stops for the humans (isn't it nice to be a doll and not have to worry about that?).  But mostly we just drove...

...and ate...

...and listened to music and Adventures in Odyssey episodes...and drove some more.  It was really hard to sit that long.  

E:  Oh, I've been meaning to ask, and that picture of you with the Chex Mix reminded me.  I noticed that in several pictures there was this little pink thing with wild hair with you.  Do you know what that was?

A:  You mean this little thing in this picture here?

E:  Exactly.  What is that?

A:  It's Mama's new Zelf.  They're kind of like those Russ Trolls from a while back, only posable and cuter.  This one is named Buttershy, and she was so cute that Mama decided to take her on the trip with us.  She doesn't say much, but she kept hiding and hanging out with me.  She ended up photobombing a lot of the pictures. :}  I think she's here you want to meet her?

E:  Sure.

A:  (calling softly behind her)  It's all right, Buttershy.  Come on out.

E:  (cooing) Aw, she's really cute!

A: (smiling) I think so, too.  She's a great traveling companion.  Just watch your food.  She has a huge appetite, and she doesn't always remember to ask before she "shares" with you. ;)

E:  Well, I guess we should get back to the actual interview.  So, Alice, when you...

A: (interrupting quietly) Aren't you supposed to call me "Miss Ellison"?  

E:  (flustered) Oh, right, sorry...

Miss Ellison, when you got there, what happened first?

A:  Mama just dropped me off in the hallway and told me I'd find one of my sisters in the back room.  I was really nervous and wished that Mama had stayed with me to make introductions.  But I knew I couldn't wait for her to hold my hand.  She was busy unpacking.  So, I gripped the strap of my bag and headed into the room with my head held high.  I pretended I was a companion for the Tenth Doctor and needed to make this acquaintance for the good of the entire universe. 

It didn't take me long to find my first sister.  She was perched on top of a sofa.  The instant I climbed up and saw her, I knew she had to be Piper.  Looking at her was like looking in a mirror. 

She seemed happy to see me.  I mean, she smiled and waved and all, but it wasn't like she was bouncing off the walls with excitement or anything.

E:  That's Piper for you.  She's pretty subdued. 

A:  She was really nice, though.  I introduced myself and sat next to her.  Our conversation was slow at first...she didn't seem to be much of a talker.  But eventually we figured out what to say and soon we were chatting as if we'd known each other all of our lives.  I think it was a bit surreal for both of us to be talking to an identical representation of ourselves. :}

After a while, she told me that she could take me to our little sister, Ruthie.   

We found her in one of the guest rooms, reading a book.  I found out this week that my little sister is a HUGE reader.  She was always sneaking a human book away to look at.

Piper introduced me in a soft voice, and Ruthie instantly set aside her book and invited us to sit with her.

Ruthie was a much better conversationalist than Piper, so the three of us got on quite well.  I think it was a relief for Piper to not have to carry the conversation.  She contributed when she felt like it, but she was perfectly happy to sit and listen to the two of us jabber back and forth. 

E:  What did you think of them?

A:  I really liked them both.      

Ruthie is sweet and sincere and a complete bookworm.  She's really old-fashioned, too.  I think she and Tess would get along well together.  And she looks an awful lot like you,, Miss Hathaway.

Piper is a little more solemn at first, but once you get to know her she really opens up and you see her kind, thoughtful personality come through.  She likes to ponder things and she seems to feel things deeply.  I think she'd make a great poet.

They both accepted me as their sister with no trouble at all.  I'm happy to be part of such a great family.  Of course, I was a little bit bummed that they aren't into Doctor Who either.  Piper has at least heard of it.  I guess another of Mimi's dolls is a Doctor Who fan.  But Ruthie didn't even know what Doctor who was.  Of course, after spending a week with me, she knows way more than she probably ever wanted to! ;) 

Here's a picture that Mama took of the three of us together.  

After our visit, I moved back to the room where Mama, Papa and the two youngest girls would be staying.  I got to share space with Belle and her family, who were also on vacation with us.

E:  So, aside from visiting with your sisters, what sorts of things did you get to do?

A:  Oh, tons of things!  One of my favorite things we got to do was go to the beach.  I got to see two different beaches on different days.  The first beach we went to was Trinidad Beach:

Isn't it great?  The day we went, (Saturday, I believe) the weather was just perfect!  The tide was in pretty high, though, so we had to stay out of the water.

That didn't matter, though, because there were tons of rocks to climb.  

I made a big discovery on this trip.  I love climbing things, especially rocks!  And it turns out I'm pretty good at it, too.  I managed to get higher than either of my sisters on this rock.

When they finally gave up, I came down and joined them.  And of course, Mama took a picture.  I sure see what you mean now about how much she loves her camera! ;)

On the way down, we went around to the front side of the rock.

There was this really cool little cave that Piper and Ruthie were checking out...

...but I just wanted to climb some more!

When we were done climbing for the day, Mama took this picture of us in the shade of the huge rock.

Um, we obviously had a problem all looking at the camera...but in our defense, it was a pretty bright day, even in the shade. :}

After we finished climbing, we took off our sweatshirts and jackets and ran towards the water, just for the sheer joy of feeling the sand crunch beneath our feet.  

Of course, we didn't go all the way down to the water.  We remembered Mama warning us that we couldn't go in because the waves were so strong.  This beach also has a steep slant to it, so once the waves knock you down, it can be easy to get pulled under.  

Mama must have taken this one while we were watching the waves.  They were so beautiful, all green and gray and blue...and the sound!  I've never heard such a beautiful, crashing noise in all my life.  I think I could live there. 

The other beach we went to was Moonstone Beach.  It's one of Mama's family's favorite beaches over there.  We were there on Monday, so this was our last big beach trip before we headed back home on Wednesday.  

Here we are, looking out at the waves.  Oh, and I'll let you in on a little secret.  You can see Papa and the three human girls walking off waayyy in the distance, on the left side of the picture.

Ruthie and Piper decided that they just wanted to sunbathe on this trip, but I wanted to explore.  The great thing about this beach is that it's really flat, so it's a much better beach for playing in the water.  The big waves are also really far out when the tide is down, so all you get on the beach are these mild, gentle waves and a little stream for kids to play in (it was more like a river for dolls, though...a little too deep for me).  Here I am enjoying the soft waves.

There's nothing like cool saltwater pulling at your feet and the cry of gulls in the air.

There were all sorts of rocks and caves to explore on Moonstone Beach, so I had a great time! :)

This cave has water dripping from it, like a natural shower or something.

And, of course, I found lots more rocks to climb: 

The view of the sea was perfect from here.

There was lots to enjoy on the walk back, too.  The beach is so pretty.

E:  Did you get to do anything else?

A:  Yep!  On the same day we went to Moonstone, we stopped by Mama's family's favorite little souvenir shop, WindanSea.  It has shells and all sorts of little goodies, very affordable for young ones like Mama's daughters.

Mama took a couple of pictures of us outside of the shop:

One day, when Mama's family planned to go out again, it was especially gray and overcast, so Ruthie, Piper and I decided to stay at the house.  We decided it would be much more fun to stay in our pjs and watch movies and eat snacks than be dragged around in the cold weather. :)

I was thrilled to discover that Mimi had bought a copy of Doctor Who Season 7 Part 1 at the local Costco.  It wasn't necessarily the best place to start my sisters, but I convinced them to watch anyway.  It didn't take much persuasion on Piper's part, at least.  She'd been curious to find out more about the show since she'd heard her friend talking about it.  

(Mama wanted me to be sure to mention that while it was okay for us as 12 and 14 year old dolls to watch this show, she personally wouldn't fully recommend it to 12 or 14 year old humans.  It is a little scary and intense in some parts and has some mild content and innuendo.  I think it's been explained before that as dolls we just have ages assigned to us.  We're much older in doll years than humans 12 or 14 year olds are.)

Anyway, we raided all of the human snacks, piled up on a spare bed, plugged in Grandmama's mini DVD player, and started to watch. 

The six episodes went by way too fast!  

I was thrilled that Ruthie and Piper seemed to be getting into the shows so much.  I had to stop it every once in a while and explain some backstory, of course, but they still seemed to like it. 

I don't think they were very happy with me after watching "The Angels Take Manhattan", though.  

We went through so many tissues!! 

When it was over, we sat and talked for a while in the big, empty house.  I summed up some of the other seasons for them and tried to end things on a happier note.  Ruthie thought that Doctor Who was okay, but she wasn't necessarily interested in seeing more.  Piper, however, was hooked.  She was looking forward to trying other seasons at Mimi's house.

At last, we talked ourselves to sleep and crashed for the rest of the afternoon.

We slept so long that we didn't wake up until the next morning.  Thankfully, there were some extra pancakes waiting for us.  Yummy! :)

E:  So what was your favorite part of the trip?  

A:  Well, aside from the trips to the beach and the Doctor Who marathon, I did really like the carousel.

E:  The carousel?

A:  There's a carousel at a car sales lot there in Eureka that Mama's family always stops at on the way home.  It's become a tradition of theirs.  This year, I got to ride it too.

Here I am by the carousel with Mama's daughters' dolls.

Here I am on my carousel horse.

All of the horses that have names have them painted on the backs of their saddles.  My horse was Smokey.

I really loved riding him.  It was so fun going up and down and all around.

Of course, the part of the trip I didn't like was saying goodbye to Piper and Ruthie, which happened just before the carousel.  We'd had such a wonderful week together.  It was the perfect way to start our relationship.  Somehow, it felt like things wouldn't be the same once we left.

But at least I knew I would see them again when we got back home...the next time I make it to Grandmama or Mimi's houses, that is.

E:  Did you get any souvenirs from your trip?  That's always my favorite part!

A:  A few.  Grandmama found me this pine cone that was just my size: 

There was also this really cool toy store that had a ton of Iwako erasers.  I chose this alligator...or is it a crocodile?  I can never tell the difference!  I just thought he was cute. ;) 

And then Mama found me this cute little California tin at a Walgreen's over there.  

It opens up so I can store all of my little treasures inside. :) 

Oh, and one last thing.  On Mama's blog, there were several people who mentioned that I should get another fish and name her "Rose", since I had Martha and Donna.  So while I was over there, I picked out this special little fish (in the middle of the tank here).  Now the Tenth Doctor's three main companions are together. :) 

E:  Well, it sounds like you had a really great trip, Alice...uh...I mean...Miss Ellison.  Thank you for telling us a bit about it.

A:  You're welcome.  Thanks for having me. :)

E:  Until next time, this is Emma Hathaway, signing off.

P.S.  Did I do an okay job, Maggie?  I hope so!


Jordy said...

Your trip looked like A TON OF FUN! I would love to have a Doctor Who marathon with my friends. I agree with you on the 12-14 age thing. The first episode my friend showed my was the Weeping Angels one with Matt Smith and I was so scared I put on Elmo after! No JOKE! My dolls and me love that show!

I still haven't seen the The Angels Take Manhattan episode and I'm not looking forward to doing so since I'll probably like die or something afterwards 'cause Rory and Amy are my favorite companions! Oh and my doll says Hi!

beastsbelle said...

Lol, I can imagine wanting to watch Elmo after Blink. That one's pretty intense. ;)

If you do decide to watch The Angels Take Manhattan, have plenty of Kleenex handy! It's so sad!! I love Amy and Rory, too. It was so sad to see them go...

Hi back to your dolls. :)


Gemmi said...

Looks like you had alot of fun with your sisters!

Where did you get the outfit you were wearing in the car, and the shorts Ruthie is wearing on Trinidad beach? They are really cute.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Gemmi, I did! :)

Okay, let's see. The outfit I was wearing in the car is a mix and match galore! ;) I have no idea where my hat came from originally. It was one that Grandmama had with all of her doll stuff and let me keep.

My shorts and black tank top were from Dori's Doll Boutique on eBay:

My mesh sweatshirt thingee was from American Girl. It was part of the Seaside Wardrobe set from the Just Like you line, released in 2005.

My socks were also from eBay and came with a jacket Grandmama ordered. Mama and I tried to find the seller but couldn't, so we'll have to check with her and let you know.

My shoes were also from eBay. It's been a while since Mama got them for me, so there isn't a record on eBay anymore (silly Mama...I guess she should have saved the seller), but we're pretty sure they came from this seller here (here's a link to actual shoes):

Ruthie's shorts were part of the Tropical Breezes Outfit from American Girl's Just Like You line, released in 2004.

Whew, I think I covered everything! ;) Hope this helps. I'll try to check with Grandmama on the socks for you.


beastsbelle said...

Okay, just found the actual shoe seller in our feedback section. We bought them from Simply For Dolls:

However, she doesn't have any items for sale right now, and the shoes we linked to before look identical to the ones I got. :)


Gemmi said...

Thank you so much!

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a friend of the family you stayed with on the coast trip(I'm the W's daughter)! I have been considering starting a fashion/style blog and they directed me to you. So, do you have any tips for starting a blog? Thank you! :)BTW, it was fun looking at the pictures of the dolls on vacation!

beastsbelle said...

Hi "Anonymous". It's great to hear from you. :) The dolls normally answer the comments on this blog, but they decided to let me take this one. ;)

First off, how exciting that you want to start blogging! :) I've really enjoyed my adventures in the blogging world, so I'm always happy to hear that others want to try it too.

One of the first things I would suggest is deciding which site you want to use to host your blog. The two most common ones are Blogger (the one I use) and Wordpress. I've been very happy with Blogger and have never used Wordpress, but I've heard some great things about it. You might want to look into the features of each of the sites (you can Google them for more information) and decide which one is best for you. I know there are some who have switched from Blogger to Wordpress, but it sounds like a big hassle (which is why I've stuck with Blogger...I know the ins and outs and it works for me). It would be far easier to start out with the site that's right for you. :)

Once you start blogging, I'd definitely suggest adding some fun, clear pictures that will make your blog interesting to look at. :) If you have a photo that you'd like to edit or adjust, a great site is

You can find some wonderful blog backgrounds at this site:
(There are others, but this is the one I use the most.)

Another helpful addition to your blog is a blog button (you can see some examples on the right side bar of this blog). Blog buttons are basically a picture with a link to your blog that others can add to their own blogs or websites. It's a great way to spread the word about your blog. I really used to struggle with making blog buttons until I found this site:
It makes creating blog buttons easy and hassle-free.

One other thing I can think of off the top of my head is to look for other blogs with similar interests. See what's out there already and get an idea of what works and what doesn't. It might also help you to decide what appeals to you in a blog and how you want to do your own. You could start by googling "fashion blogs" and go from there.

Also, when you have your blog up, it definitely helps to comment on other blogs and start making friends in the blogging community. This is one of the ways that I started building up my readership, by getting involved with other bloggers, especially those with similar interests. However, I would not suggest ending every comment with a link to your own blog. Every once in a while is okay, but if you leave it every time, it gets a little tiring for the authors of the blogs you're commenting on (as in, "Yes, I get have a blog...I haven't forgotten since the last three comments you left"). :} It also makes a difference if you say something like, "Hey, I'm staring a blog and would love it if you would consider stopping by and telling me what you think", then adding the link. Then it comes across as more of a newbie seeking guidance instead of someone who wants easy readership by linking on a blog that's already popular. Not to say that's what everyone who links in their comments is doing...but it can come across that way sometimes.

Okay, off of the soap box now. ;)

This isn't an exhaustive list by far, but hopefully it gives you a place to start. :) If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

I look forward to hearing more from you! Be sure to let me know when your blog is up! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tips! I will be sure to look into those things. :D

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome! :)