Saturday, December 21, 2013

Maggie's Memos: We're Finally Back!!

Hey there, readers!  We've finally returned to astound you with our amazingly awesome blog! ;)  We hope your December is going well.  Hopefully it was better than ours.  Mama was sick and the computer went "kaput", so things have been strangely silent in cyberspace over here.

It's been a really weird December for us.  Because Mama wasn't feeling well, we didn't get out all of our major Christmas decorations like we normally do.  We did at least get a tree set up, and we have some presents under it.  Sadly, Mama's illness was not enough to keep us from the annual torture of getting dressed up in frilly Christmas dresses.  Ick.

Oh, but one cool thing that happened (as you probably guessed from our header) was that we got some snow!!  Mama still wasn't feeling great when it happened, so we didn't get to spend all that much time in it, but Tess and I got a few fun pictures.

It was really fun being out there, but boy, was it ever cold!!

Here we are next to the Christmas tree.  We decided that the best place for the tree was up in Ella and Alice's room, since they have the least amount of furniture. 

A shot of the tree by itself.  As you can see, it's right next to Rachel and my room. :)

PRESENTS!!!  Ahem.  Sorry.  I really do know the true meaning of Christmas (Mama is always reminding us it's all about Jesus and His birth).  Presents are pretty cool too, though. :}

Mama decided we should keep up with tradition and take group pics of all of the siblings.  Yeah, thanks Mama.  Just make me painfully aware of the fact that I'm the only one without a sibling here at the house.  Why don't you squeeze some lemon juice in my paper cut while you're at it?  Oh, wait...I can't get paper cuts.  But still, you get the point!!

Here is Tess with her sisters.  She's been completely over the moon this Christmas season.  The past few Christmases have been pretty tough with Ella being away.  Now that Tess is reunited with both of her sisters, I think she can finally truly enjoy the holidays again.

Jenna and my pal Rachel.  These two and Tess's family will be celebrating Christmas with me here at the house.

The Hathaway girls:  Charlie, Hayden, and Emma.  Looking nice in red, I must grudgingly admit.  Oh, you might notice that Emma is wearing her glasses.  That's because she's had to start wearing them all the time instead of just when she's reading.  It was annoying for her at first, but she appears to be adjusting okay.  

And these are the four "privileged ones" who get to go with Mama and her family to Mimi's house for Christmas (Alice took a picture with them since she's their cousin).  Yes, I get it...Piper is over there, and Grandmama usually brings Ruthie, so the two sets of sisters...who are also cousins...will all be able to be together for Christmas.  Whatevs.  Maybe they should all come HERE one year so the rest of us can actually have Christmas with Mama.  Of course, we get the whole house to ourselves and can pretty much do whatever we want.  Hmm.  Maybe I should rethink this...maybe being stuck here each year isn't such a bad thing. :}

So anyway, that's about it for now.  We won't be blogging much next week.  Mama and almost half of us will be at Mimi's and all of us will be keeping busy.  We'll definitely have some posts up sometime after Christmas to share what happened over the holidays.  And sometime in January, we'll update you on our future plans for the blog and what the norm will be.  Until then, you all have an awesome Christmas. :)



RagingMoon1987 said...

Well, for not liking wearing frilly things you two look cute as buttons. I wish you, your friends, and your mama and her family a merry and blessed Christmas.

The dolls! said...

Us eighteen inch dolls understand that. With the newly added tenth family member, deciding who goes where is a pain. This year Christmas is less chaotic, since our mother, Abbie R, isn't traveling. And our, pinecone, has bunches of presents around it. Yes yes, it's funny. We have a pinecone instead of a tree, but space is limited, and the pine cone IS decorated. :} Oh! Never told you my name, I'm Felicity. I can't wait to here more about your Christmas!!


beastsbelle said...

Um, thanks, RagingMoon 1987...I think. I'm sure Tess doesn't mind looking "cute as buttons", but I must admit, "cute" is not really something I strive for. ;) I'm sure we'll have a great Christmas. I just hope Mama stocks the fridge before we leave! ;)

Felicity, that's hilarious that you have a Christmas pinecone instead of a Christmas tree! XD Way to be creative with limited space! Have a great Christmas. :)


misspiggy=awesome said...

Merry Christmas! Did any of you see Frozen yet? I really liked it and now we have the Disney Store Anna doll here. She's been bugging me to get Elsa... -_-

beastsbelle said...

Merry Christmas! Still working on our Christmas posts. :}

Ugh, yes, Emma and Hayden saw Frozen with Mama and now they won't stop singing the songs!!! If I hear "Love is an Open Door" one more time I think I'll scream. They both enjoyed the movie, but Emma especially fell in love. She keeps talking about wanting to find an Anna and Elsa doll for her collection. Mama's had a hard time finding ones little enough. I just want to erase the Frozen playlist on Rhapsody and replace it with "The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug" soundtrack (guess what else we saw over Christmas?). ;) Hobbits and dwarfs trump singing Disney characters any day! :}


misspiggy=awesome said...

I scream inside whenever I hear it because of the plot twist. (Emma and Hayden know what I am talking about, go ask them.)
Also, to Emma: The Disney Store used to have a set that included mini versions of all the Classic dolls. (I think you might not want Hans, though...)

beastsbelle said...

Oh, trust me, I know all about the plot twist. Mama, Hayden, and Emma were going ON and ON about it after they saw the movie. Mama knew about it ahead of time, so she was able to prepare them a bit. It's hard to think that things would have been even worse had they NOT known about it ahead of time. :}

I'll pass the message along to Emma...I guess she needs to start saving up! ;)