Friday, March 22, 2013

Hayden's Histories: Literary Ladies Society March Meeting

Hi everyone!  Hayden here with from our 3rd Literary Ladies Society meeting. :}

Last Saturday was the 3rd Saturday of the month, so the four of us all got dressed up in our fancy dresses.  Jenna and I did a quick declutter job on our room before Tess and Emma got there.  Not that we're overly messy, but we both collect a lot of stuff, and our collections have a way of overflowing from the shelves. ;)

The topic for this meeting was a comparison of the two most recent movie adaptations of "Pride and Prejudice", presented by Tess (or I suppose I should say "Miss Bennet"). ;)

I was really surprised when I found out that Tess was going to speak.  She's so painfully shy that I wasn't sure she could handle getting up in front of us, even though it was only an audience of three.  She did a great job, though.  I could tell she was nervous when she started...she spoke really quietly and didn't make eye contact with any of us.  After a while, though, her love for "Pride and Prejudice" gave her an unnatural boldness.

In fact, she started talking so fast that it was all I could do to keep up in our meeting minutes!

As she continued speaking, she seemed to come alive.  Her eyes sparkled and her cheeks were flushed as she pointed out the many flaws she saw in the 2005 version with someone named Kira or's in my notes somewhere (Tess spelled out the names for me). ;)

My sister Emma was thrilled with the topic and often interjected a few points of her own.  Tess always welcomed them graciously.

Before long, the two of them were in a deep, fan-girly discussion which had grown from just "Pride and Prejudice" to adaptations of all of the different Jane Austen films.  You know how Emma gets when she gets excited. ;)  The two of them were completely lost in a world of Austen, discussing pros and cons, costumes, lighting, screenplays, and even whether Mr. Knightley or Mr. Tilney was a better hero.

I have to admit, I kind of glazed over during the course of the conversation.  I'm a fan of Jane Austen's work myself (it's great "scope for the imagination", to borrow a phrase from "Anne of Green Gables"), but this conversation was a bit beyond me.  I mean, I didn't know enough about JJ Feild's smile or Colin Firth's hair to have anything to contribute.  And while I didn't mind a discussion of film adaptations, I wasn't expecting something that delved this deep.  I do have a bad habit of drifting off anyway, letting my imagination run away with me.  I'm glad I don't have to go to school, because I'd probably always be getting in trouble for daydreaming. :}  Basically, what I came away with was the the 1995 version of "Pride and Prejudice" was "spectacular" and the 2005 version was "horrid", at least according to Tess and Emma.  Um, I mean Miss Bennet and Miss Woodhouse. :}

Several hours later, Jenna and I were alone in our room again.  

"Well, I think I know more now about Jane Austen film adaptations than I ever needed to know," Jenna declared wryly as she pulled off one shoe.

I blushed at her direct comment.  I didn't want Tess or Emma's feelings to be hurt.  "It was informative," I began weakly.

Jenna chuckled at the uncomfortable expression that must have been on my face.  "Don't worry, Hayden, I'm not going to say anything more."  She wiggled her foot back and forth.  "I do appreciate all the preparation Tess put into her presentation, and I know how excited your sister gets about Jane Austen."  

She reached down to take off her other shoe.  "I'm wondering if we should rethink our meetings a bit."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

My friend dropped her shoes on the floor.  "To be honest, I'm getting a little bit overwhelmed trying to coordinate a meeting every month.  I'm wondering if we should switch to every two months, or maybe even every three months."

"We'd have to put it to a vote," I reminded her.

"Of course," she agreed.  "I just think it might be a little more relaxing for everyone."

I wasn't sure if the others would feel the same way, but I was fine with whatever Jenna was fine with.  Especially if it meant I didn't have to make any decisions or take charge. ;)  I could dress up anytime I wanted, and fewer meetings would mean more time for making up stories or acting out plays with Jenna (our favorite pastime together).

"Maybe I'll talk to Emma and Tess tomorrow," Jenna mused as she rummaged through her dresser for her pajamas.

"Let me know what they say," I responded, heading to my own dresser.  "We can always have a quick meeting if we need to be formal about it."

As I climbed into my bed that night, I thought over Jenna's suggestion.  I wondered how much of it was because she was overwhelmed, and how much of it was because she didn't want to have to sit through another long discussion next month.  Jenna is creative and has a lot of great ideas and leadership qualities, but she's not always very patient. ;)  Either way, I was okay with fewer meetings.  I was definitely feeling overwhelmed with my blogging.  I don't mind writing, but I'd much rather tell a story verbally than type it out.  And if I'm being completely honest, I prefer making things up to documenting actual events.  Maybe that's why I stress about these Literary Ladies Society meeting posts so much. :}  I suppose I should tell someone eventually, but I don't want to rock the boat.  I am still kind of the newbie around here.

So, you might hear from me next month, but you might not.  I'll try to keep you informed on what we decide. :)


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