Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking News With Maggie: A New Room

This is Maggie Wilson of "Breaking News with Maggie", bringing you the latest news from Beast'sbelle's Gals. thought I forgot all about these posts, right?  WRONG!!  There just hasn't been anything worth reporting for a while. ;)  Okay, and maybe I've been a little lazy recently...and a little overly ambitious in earlier posts. I mean, come on.  Some of the "breaking news" I've reported in the past has not been all that interesting.  But you know what they say: if there's nothing interesting to report, fabricate it!!  Or try to make something uninteresting seem more interesting than it is!  And no, I have no clue who the "they" are.  In fact, it's quite possible that I just made that all up. ;}

And can I just take a minute here and say that we REALLY need to be better at coordinating our posting schedule?  I mean, almost an entire month with nothing and then three posts in one day?  Really, guys?  Has anyone heard of the word communication?  Sheesh.  

Anyway, moving on to the subject at hand:  Rachel and I have a new room!  Well, to be strictly accurate, Tess and Hailey also have a new room:  our old one.  Some of you might have picked that up in Tess's last post.  I'm kind of surprised she didn't say anything about it...although the tone of her post didn't really match with a cheery "by the way, we have a new room" message. :{

So Mama decided that she needed a little more room and she wanted to have all of her doll rooms in one spot.  She decided that Rachel and I would do best on the very top.  And I do mean very top.  See our ceiling?  That's actually the ceiling of Mama's room!

We thought you might like a little tour. ;)  Here's Rachel on our bed (you can see her Muppet posters and our Jack Sparrow and Will Turner posters behind her on the wall).

Our dresser is now next to our bed.  We still have our radio on top.  By the way, isn't our floor cool?  It's a quilted wall hanging that Mama found at Goodwill.  It the perfect style for Rachel and me. :)

And in the back corner we have our nifty corner shelf with all our doo-dads on it.  Now you can see our awesome Avengers Squinkies a lot better. ;)

Here I am chillin' in our chair.  It's nice to have a place to sit besides the bed again.  We put our tub of books next to the chair so we could reach them easily.

I thought I'd also show you a picture of the same area without me in it so you can see the rest of our nifty posters.  We had a lot of fun hanging them up. :)

Ooh, and you can also see my new Hiccup from "How to Train Your Dragon" and Peter Pevensie from "The Chronicles of Narnia" (thank you, Goodwill). ;)

At first, I wasn't too sure about the move.  I mean, we were used to being at floor level, and now we're at the very top of the doll rooms.  I really liked having the easy access to the rest of the house.  And...well...easy access isn't really a feature of this room... you can see from my bird's eye view here.  Not sure why Blogger randomly decided to put this picture sideways, but at least you still get the idea.  

I haven't quite perfected the art of getting down gracefully (without stepping in someone's lap or on their bed), but I'll get it eventually.  Staying in our room forever is NOT an option. 

I guess that's about it for this post.  Nothing else to report...except that our new digs give us the unhappy advantage of overhearing EVERYTHING from the Book Ladies Meeting with the four nuts.  Seriously, I was about ready to start chucking pillows down there if I heard one more word about Jane Austen or whoever's curly hair or awesome facial expression in that one ballroom scene.  Ick.  Get a plastic life, girls.  And please stop torturing the rest of us with your period drama drivel. >:(  

Hmm, maybe next month we should hold a rather loud "Avengers" discussion at the same time!  Hee hee.  I keep telling Tess that Thor is basically like Mr. Darcy as a super hero.  Only way cooler.  Like, WAY way cooler.

So, talk to you guys again later.  Maybe next time we can be better at spacing these posts out so you have something to tide you over throughout the week.  Until then, this is Maggie Wilson, signing off. :)


Reese said...

Hi Maggie~

Your new rooms look great! I nominated your blog for the Best Blogger Award!

Reese <3

beastsbelle said...

Awesome, thanks Reese! It's been a while since we've been awarded. It's always nice to see our hard work is appreciated. ;)

We'll get together and get that post up as soon as we can.


Andromeda Rose Hale said...

Dear Maggie,
I do quite agree about Jane Austen.
I really don't enjoy the books very much or the movies. Oh and since you like Narnia so much, you'll enjoy Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson series.

Also, I suggest having your own society about the things you enjoy.

beastsbelle said...

Hi Andromeda,

Thanks for commenting. Glad to know there's someone else out there who doesn't get the whole Austen fandom thing. I'm certainly surrounded by Austen nuts over here, Mama included!

I tried reading Harry Potter but wasn't really a fan. I haven't tried Percy Jackson yet. I'm kind of weird in that I like fantasy stories, but I'm not big on stories that make magic a huge emphasis. I don't mind if magic is used to move the story along or to explain how things happen (such as talking animals, etc). But I don't really enjoy movies or books that focus on chanting spells, learning to be a wizard, or similar things. That's actually one of the issues I had with the movie adaptations of "The Lord of the Rings".

As believers, we try to be cautious about what we allow ourselves to read and watch...and that sort of interest in spells and incantations can get a person (or doll) interested in some dangerous stuff.

I know, I'm in the HUGE minority here. But even if I liked Harry Potter, it wouldn't matter. Mama isn't a fan, and her word is pretty much law in this house. :}

Thanks for stopping by!


beastsbelle said...

P.S. I've thought about doing some sort of club with Rachel, but to be honest, I'm too lazy to be that organized. I'd rather just watch the movies and read the books I like and then talk about them whenever rather than making it a big official meeting. ;)


AdeleCupcake said...

What kind of Madame Alexander doll are you, Maggie?
You're beautiful!

beastsbelle said...

Hmm, thanks...I think. "Beautiful" is not really my goal in life, but I know you meant it as a compliment. ;)

I'm an Alexander Girlz doll, the same kind you find in Costco around Christmas time. Mama said there weren't any at Costco last Christmas, but she did recently find out that the Madame Alexander "Favorite Friends" dolls sold online have the same face mold I do. Don't know if that helps or not, but it's the best I can do. :}