Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Maggie's Memos: And the Vacationers Are...

...Jenna and Rachel!

They'll be heading out tomorrow, leaving me without any roommates.  Don't mind me, Mama.  I'll just sit by myself in my empty doll room the whole week, feeling alone and neglected.  (Do you feel guilty yet?  Have you changed your mind and decided you want to take me too?)  It's been ages since I've gone to the coast, and I'm especially disappointed since one of my best friends in the world is going.  Rachel and I first met when I went on my first (and ONLY...Mama, are you reading this?) trip to the coast three years ago.  Did you guys remember that?

Anyway, it'll be completely boring here being left behind.  I keep waiting for Mama to pick ME to go on another trip, but I'm beginning to wonder if it'll ever happen.  I know, I know, I got to go to Ladies Retreat last year, but it's not the same as squishing your feet in the warm sand and looking out over the ocean. 

I guess I should be happy for Rachel.  This is only the second time she's been back to her hometown since she moved here, and it's Jenna's first time.  Rachel's really excited to show Jenna all of her favorite places.  

So when they get back, I'll do an interview post with them and have them share all about their trip.  Like Hayden said, until then, things will be pretty quiet around here.  

Talk to you guys later.  I'm off to spend some time with Rachel before she leaves.  And maybe to check out the snack situation so we can stock up while Mama's away. ;)



Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie! I just wanted to say I love your outfits!
I love this blog, and when I accidentally typed in “” I freaked out! Then I realized it was
I was like panicking!

-Chrissa, American girl doll of the year - 2009.

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Maggie!

Mary Hannah Grier said...

I can't wait to see all of your wonderful vacation pictures!

I've nominated you for the Daisy Chain award on my blog, :-)

~Mama Hen

Anonymous said...

Hi! I’m Zelia, I’m not an 18-incher I’m 14 inches high, but I love your blog!

Mary Hannah Grier said...

Hi Tess and Maggie! I nominated you for an award on my blog: Have a good week!

~Mama Hen

Shelby-Grace said...

I'm so sorry, Maggie, it's too bad you couldn't have gone along, too :( But congrats to Jenna and Rachel, I hope they'll bring you back a souvenir ;)

(By the way, I nominated you for the Daisy Chain Award! You can read my post about it at the link below: )

beastsbelle said...

Wow, thanks so much for all the comments (and the sympathy). :)

And two nominations for the Daisy Chain award? Cool! I'll have to get together with Tess and go to town on those.

I finally got the vacation interview post up, so be sure to check it out. :)