Thursday, February 12, 2015

Maggie's Memos: Yeah, We're Still Here...Sorta...

Okay, this is just embarrassing.  We somehow "missed" our final post.  Talk about incompetence!!  Although in our defense, Mama has been an absolute computer HOG for the past month and a half.  Between blogging, her Kickstarter campaign, and writing her book, she's been glued to this thing.  It's a little difficult to wrap up a blog when the human of the house needs to learn a thing or two about sharing.

So since we left you guys hanging with no final post, we've decided to reward you with an extra one before we close up shop.  See, Mama is going on the annual birthday trip she takes with her daughters tomorrow, and she's invited Tess or Charlie to go along.  (Mama, Tess, and Charlie are still deciding who it will be.)  Once again, I've been left out in the cold.  Mama says it's because I can't stand very well any more, and she's not sure how to restring me.  WHICH IS JUST FINE WITH ME!!!  Stay away from me with those hemostats and pliers, lady!!!

Ahem.  Anyway, sometime next week there should be a post about Tess or Charlie's big trip.  And then we'll do our final post after that.  Really.  Seriously, this time. :}

Talk to you later,


P.S. We're switching back to an older header we like, so here's our Christmas one we did:

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Dollylife said...

Thanks for the update, Maggie. I hope Charlie or Tess (whoever goes) has a wonderful time! We're looking forward to the last two posts, though with bittersweet feelings.

-Gemma and S.