Friday, November 5, 2010

Breaking News with Maggie: An Email from Katie

Good morning, this is Maggie Wilson with the latest news from the Jane Austen and Unicorns blog.  (Hee hee...just trying to sound more official).  I had to write a quick post because we've finally heard from Katie for the first time since she left last month.  There's good news and bad news.  

The good news is that Katie is having a wonderful time.  The bad news is she's probably not coming home this month.  I've included a copy of her email, which pretty much explains everything:

            Dear Tess, Maggie, Lucy, and Everyone,
      Hi!! How are you all doing?  I've missed you so much this past month.  Tess and Maggie, how are things going?  I was finally able to use the computer tonight, so I took a quick peek at your blog.  I liked Belle's first post!  What did you guys think?
     Is Lucy behaving herself?  Tell her I love her lots and I'll be home as soon as I can.  I miss you, little Sis!
     Things have been going great here.  I've had so much fun visiting with Mama's friends.  We've spent some time in their lovely home and gone to some fun places.  Get this, I even got to go to DISNEYLAND!!!!  Eep!! :)  I can't WAIT to show you the pics. 
     Now for some exciting news.  Mama's friends have invited me to stay with them a while longer, and Mama has given me permission to extend my visit!  I guess they have a few more things they want to show me before I come home.  So I may not be home in November.  It may be some time in December.  I'm actually not really sure what's going to happen, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stay here longer.  Just think how many more things I'll be able to share with you when I come home! 
     Well, that's all for now.  I've got to head to bed...I'll be sure to email you again soon.  I miss you all!
             Love and Kisses,

There were mixed reactions to the email, to say the least.  Tess was happy for Katie, but she was also really looking forward to seeing her soon.  They've always been really close, best buddies as well as cousins.  Lucy took things pretty hard.  As we've mentioned before, this is her first time away from her big sister, and she's been counting the days until Katie comes home.  Maybe we'll have to send Lucy with Katie on her next adventure! :} 

Everyone was pretty excited to hear that Katie got to go to Disneyland.  It's a place we've all dreamed about going to ourselves.  We can't wait to see her pics. 

I guess that's it for my breaking news.  We'll keep you posted if we hear more from Katie.  Keep checking back, too.  Tess and I will be posting some fall pics with a story, probably tonight. 

See ya!

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