Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tess's Tidbits: "Oh, What a B-b-b-eautiful M-m-morning!"

Hi all!  Sorry it's been so long since we've posted.  Things have been pretty crazy around here and Mama has kinda been neglecting us.  She has had a lot going on, but it's still been tough. 

Emily is still not through surgery completely.  Mama confided in us that she has one leg re-attached, but the other one still needs to be put back on.  That's where she lost me...ugh.  It's no fun being squeamish! 

This morning, Mama had a pleasant surprise when she went out to put bills in the mailbox.  To begin with, Mama and Papa keep meaning to turn off the sprinklers now that it's getting colder and rainier, but they keep forgetting since the sprinklers are on a timer.  Last night, it got incredibly cold.  The combination of the frigid temperatures and the water from the sprinklers left beautiful, jewel-like drops on the grass.  Then Mama got the crazy idea that we should do a photo shoot.  It was beautiful, I'll admit, but I preferred enjoying the view from inside the warm house. 

The pics turned out beautifully, but I felt like a giant ice cube by the time we came inside.  The ice drops were starting to melt in the sun, and the melty parts soaked through my jeans and shirt.  So, after posting these pics for you, I'm off to take a hot bath and drink some Lady Grey tea.  Talk to you again soon! :)

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