Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Goodbye Claire and Hailey's New Do

So today is our last day with Claire.  Her auction ended over a week ago, but apparently Mama and the buyer worked something out so she's just now being shipped.  It's so hard to keep having one goodbye after another.  Hopefully this will be the last for a while!  On that subject, Lucy's had so much fun with her sisters that she's decided to wait on her visit for a while.  So we really should be past goodbyes for a while now. 

We're all going to miss Claire's happy smile and sunny personality, especially Hailey.  But we know she's going to a good home...and she even has a twin sister waiting for her there!  She's a lot less nervous now that she knows a little bit about where she's going. 

For those of you wondering, Tess is doing much better.  She and Mama had a long, private talk.  I think Tess was able to get a lot off her chest instead of internalizing everything (which is what she usually does).  Another big plus is that Mama got an email from the lady who won Ella's auction.  As a result, Mama found out that Ella is going to a fabulous home where she'll be loved and cared for, and even be able to model dresses!  We can't wait to hear from her.  Tess will always miss Ella, but she's glad she's going to such a great place.

In other news, Hailey has a new hairdo.  Well, to be completely accurate, Hailey has new hair.  Unlike most of the dolls in our little family, Hailey and I (and Emily...er, Elizabeth, too) have the unique opportunity to switch wigs if we like.  Everyone else has their original hair attached, so they're just stuck with it...at least for now. 

I've never really been into switching wigs myself.  For one thing, I'm quite happy with my long brown locks, thank you very much!  And for another thing, I don't like how muddled you feel when you first get a new wig.  I believe I explained this before when I was talking about Emily, now Elizabeth. 

Don't worry, though.  Hailey hasn't developed amnesia or anything.  Her new wig is the exact same style as her old one, and just a slightly different shade.  She's been a little forgetful the past two days, but nothing horrendous.  She still remembers who she is and who we are.  And she LOVES her new hair.  Her old wig was getting a little ratty and dusty.  This one is silky and shiny as brand new hair (actually, it is brand new hair). 

I'm not sure about the color, myself.  It's a little too Pippi Longstocking or "The Little Mermaid" for me.  But Hailey likes it, and so do Tess and Mama, so I guess that's what counts.  What do you guys think?  That is, if anyone actually cared to comment on this blog every once in a while. 

Okay, I should revise that.  Tess would be mortified.  I realize that we do have comments...just not very often.  We do like them.  Comments, that is.  Just in case you're wondering.

Well, I should stop before I do more damage.  Tess will probably write a big apology post for my rudeness the next time she's on.  Good grief.  Can't people take a little harmless sarcasm?  What's this world coming to?

P.S.  To Marsali and all of her sisters, I do realize that you girls post comments here quite frequently.  Just didn't want you to think I was ungrateful. :}


Jenny said...

I love Hailey's new hair(do)! It's so pretty!

I'm glad you got to spend some extra time with Claire. We know goodbyes are hard -- we just had to say goodbye to JoJo this weekend. But of course, we'll see her again in a few months, so it's not exactly the same, but we were still sad here, especially Jess.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Jenny!

I'll be sure to pass on your message to Hailey. :) I hope Jo Jo has a great time traveling. We are going to miss Claire and Ella, but it helps knowing that they're going to be in such great homes. Thanks for your sympathy.


april said...

This is Claire new owner. Her twin sister Kerri is waiting everyday by the door for Claire to come home she even went out and got and extra bed for her. If you like to follow Claire and Kerri please check out Kerri's pages: http://kerri30655.blogspot.com/ I am looking forward to introducing you to all of my Cabbage Patch Kids and Babies

beast'sbelle said...

Hi April! We are so excited to follow all of Claire's new adventures with her Kerri! :) It's nice to know she'll be in such a great home. :)


beast'sbelle said...

P.S. Thanks for following our blog, too. :)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Thank you so much for remembering us as we comment a lot .. we have like 53 people following us and hardly get comments .. this week it has been good because of the contest .. LOL!!

We are soooooo glad that the girls are going to homes that will be great and that we can follow them on a blog too .. YEAH!!

Take care ..
Kelsyee & Family

beast'sbelle said...

No problem, girls. Figured I'd better say something nice since I was being so testy. ;} We love comments, and you guys always leave great ones.

We're really excited about following Kerri and Claire's blog, too. It'll be great to keep up with her latest news, even when she's not with us.