Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breaking News with Maggie: Goodbye, Ella! :'(

This is Maggie Wilson with the latest news from Jane Austen and Unicorns.  Unfortunately, today it's my job to report some sad news.  Ella Prescott has officially left our group.

Thursday night, just before it was time for her to be packed away in her eBay box, Ella shared a few precious moments with her sisters...most likely the last moments she will ever share with them. 

There were many tears as the sisters exchanged hugs and whispered words that none of us will ever know.  Ella was sad, but she seemed excited, too.  Tess and Hailey were pretty shaken up by everything.  Once Ella left to get into her box, the two of them sat huddled together, crying and hugging each other.  Charlie and I tried to give them what little comfort we could.  It was a hard day for all of us.

Yesterday, Tess and Hailey kept mostly to themselves, no doubt trying to process everything as best as they could.  We saw Mama take Ella's box with her when she left to take her oldest daughter to school.  It was a strange feeling, knowing that Ella was on her way to another part of the country.  We keep waiting for her to come back into the room saying, "I was just teasing guys!  I'm still here!"

Mama says that when you lose someone, it often feels like they'll show up at any moment.  She said it's part of the grieving process.  I was not excited to hear that there was a whole process my friend and her sister will have to go through.  I was hoping we'd have a day or two of sadness and then move on.  Not trying to sound calloused.  I just want Tess to feel better as soon as possible! 

This morning, she was still quiet and uncommunicative.  She's just been reading and crying, sitting and crying, or sleeping and crying.  Hailey's doing slightly better.  She actually visited with Charlie for a while.  Hailey was also a sweetie and played Barbies with Lucy when she asked Hailey to.

Mama's planning on having a talk with Tess today, hoping she can get Tess to talk through some of her feelings.  I hope it helps.  I just really want the old Tess back.

This is Maggie Wilson, signing off.

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