Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Craziness!

Craziness...that's the only way I can begin to describe the atmosphere around here in the past few days.  So, just to get all of you up to speed:  Katie did not get home until this morning, and it was a long two extra days to wait!  When she finally arrived, everyone was thrilled to see her again, especially Tess and Lucy.

  Charlie and Emma met Katie for the first time.  Claire hadn't met Katie yet either, but she wasn't feeling well (I think it's nerves...she's really worried about who her new family will be).  Katie was given a quick update on what's been going on, with all of the changes.

After Katie had changed into something more comfortable and had a chance to relax, she and Emma were able to visit together.  They hit it off immediately...they must have talked for a half an hour, at least.  I think I sense a budding friendship!

When Katie and Charlie first met each other, they felt like they'd known each other all of their lives.  After detailed conversation with both, Mama determined that Charlie is indeed Katie's younger sister, even though Katie actually looks younger.  But they're only two years apart, so it's not really that big of a deal.  Even before Mama made the announcement, though, Katie and Charlie were sure they were sisters.   

Lucy only lasted as "Nan" for about a day.  She liked being Lucy much better, and didn't care for the time warp stuff.  She was so relieved yesterday when Mama assured her that she could continue being herself!  Especially now that she has TWO big sisters here. :) 

Ella, on the other hand, was completely thrilled with being Elizabeth Cole.  She loved going back in time, being older, and having such a fun best friend (no insult to Emily intended, there).  But Emily was feeling pretty forlorn, knowing she was up next for the auction block, and having no one to really talk to about it.  
Then last night, Mama dropped the bombshell.  She had decided that Emily would make a better Elizabeth Cole.  I guess she'd found some great "Elizabeth hair" that made Emily look just perfect.  She was also concerned about selling Emily when her leg surgery was not 100% successful.  Mama wanted to be able to try again.  Emily was not too thrilled to hear that she might have to endure surgery again in the future. 

Ella, brought out of the time warp in the midst of the commotion, was stunned at the news.  She had been perfectly happy with her new situation, and now it was all being taken away.  Mama's mind was quite made up, though.  She was sympathetic, but firm.  This was how it was going to be.

Within the hour, Emily was standing in Ella's place beside Felicity.  Although it was no longer Emily.  Something weird happens to you when you're re-wigged (I should know!).  Everything about your past becomes muddled and foggy, and the more severe the wig change, the more severe your condition.  Emily is Elizabeth Cole now.  She doesn't remember anything about her friendship with Ella, or her love of the beach, or Pixar movies.  In her mind, she's been Elizabeth her whole life.

It almost put Ella over the edge.  Not only had she lost her historical role, she'd also lost her best friend (both of them, to be completely accurate).  Suddenly, she wasn't happy being Ella anymore.  She didn't like being 8 again, the little sister of two older sisters.  She was no longer content to make crafts and collect dolls.  Ella wanted to see the world, to have an adventure.  She hungered for travel, for new places and new experiences.  And so, she had a talk with Mama.

Just a few hours ago, we found out that Ella would now be the one being sold instead of Emily.  Tess was so shocked and hurt by the news that she went to bed with an upset stomach (she couldn't bear to write about it...that's why I'm the one updating you now).  Hailey was stunned, too.  Ella assured her sisters that she would always love them, but now that she'd seen something of the outside world (even if it was in the 1700s), she couldn't be happy staying in the same old place.  She wanted a new beginning somewhere...anywhere! 

And, as if that wasn't enough change, Lucy is considering leaving next week and staying with Mama's mother-in-law for a while.  Apparently she has two dear friends there, just her age, and she just found out they were there.  It's kinda silly to me...she's spent all this time sad that Katie wasn't here, and now, she's going to leave her a week after she gets back!  Oh, and we also discovered that Zaara found a new permanent home with Mama's aunt...the one Mama spent Christmas with.  Mama and her aunt have both really gotten into Bollywood movies together, so Mama's aunt thought it would be fun to have a Bollywood doll.
So, there you have it.  Katie's home, Emily is now Elizabeth instead of Ella.  Ella will be listed on eBay this week to find the adventure she craves.  Claire's auction ends on Sunday, and then she'll be moving to her new home.  Lucy may be staying with friends for a prolonged period of time.  Katie, Charlie and Lucy are all sisters.  Zaara is moving to Mama's aunt's house.  Tess is heartbroken.  I'm disgusted.  That's it in a nutshell.  I guess if you didn't want to wade through that whole post you could have just read this paragraph at the end. 

Sorry this is such a random post, but I'm too muddled to write anything more sensible.  I should have made it more interesting, in story form, but to be honest, I'm so blown away by everything that I couldn't seem to drag together enough creativity to pull it off.  :{  Could things get any crazier?  I hope not.  We're all just trying to hold on until the world stops spinning so fast.  We'll try to keep you posted if anything else happens.

P.S.  I forgot to mention, it sounds like Katie might have to take a break from traveling for a while.  Mama gave Katie a really neat backpack and lunch box set from Pottery Barn Kids as a welcome back present.  The idea was that Katie could take it on her next trip.  That's when Katie reluctantly admitted that her left eye, the one that sticks, had gotten worse and was really bothering her.  Not only that, but her hips were starting to go, too.  It sounds like some surgeries may be in order before Katie travels again. :(



The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Sheesh .. and I thought that our family changed like that a lot .. you guys are really going through the ringer .. I am so sorry for all the girls that are being displaced or friends being displaced .. hope you can keep everyone straight now .. we have a sister who is going away to be sold too .. and Tirya is ready to travel again too .. busy busy .. changes ..


beast'sbelle said...

Hi Marsali,

I think we'll survive...it's just a little hard having all of these changes at once. You described it well, "going through the ringer". :} I just wish Mama had eased one change on us at a time. You'd think she takes pleasure in seeing us suffer or something. Oh well, we'll get through somehow.