Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Media Deprived!!!!

Okay, so now I look completely flaky...again!!  We honestly are working on more posts, but you would not BELIEVE the last two weeks we've had! 

Those of you who follow Mama's blog know already that she got a flat tire and had to replace both rear tires.  That just seemed to issue in a rebellion led by all of Mama's and Papa's appliances.  First, their desktop computer crashed, then their TV stopped working (you can hear movies, you just can't see them).  Mama's kitchen light was broken for 2 or 3 weeks, but that's finally fixed so Mama can take nice blog pics again.  Oh, and a minor issue, but in the middle of all this, Mama's kitchen broom broke.  I think it's a conspiracy!!

So, I'd just like to say that I'm feeling completely media deprived!!  We can't watch movies or TV or play the Wii, and there is now 1 laptop computer for all of us to share.  Between Papa unwinding at the end of the day with an online movie and Mama doing her eBay sales and trying to blog here and there, there's been almost no time for Tess, Emma and I to do our blogging! 

Oh, and I failed to mention the other joyous news.  Mama and Papa decided to cancel Netflix because it was too expensive after the change in pricing.  Plus, they said all of us (including them) were spending too much time on it.  Dude, have you guys ever tried being a doll?  There's only so much we can do during the day!  I'm going totally nuts without my Netflix!  And now it's looking pretty hopeless that I'll ever get to see Captain America.  Mama and Papa missed it in the theaters, and now we won't have Netflix to rent it later. 

Okay, now that I've spread my happy mood to all of my readers, I suppose I should sign off.  We'll try to get our rears in gear and get some posts up for you as soon as possible.  It's not like there's anything else to do around here! :(  Besides go outside, or read a book, or play a game, or talk...hmm...I guess I could try to amuse myself that way.  We'll be in touch soon!


Spicemuffin and Company said...

Hi Maggie!

Aw, I'm sorry about your media deprivation. :( I'm sure that your Mama will find a place to rent Captain America for you. :)

~Arizona Kali~

Lucy said...

Hello Maggie! =) Sorry all your appliances and things have been going haywire... it's been the plumbing acting up at our house.

I hope you get a chance to see Captain America. I haven't seen it yet either.

And I'm sure you could find a good book in the house to entertain yourself. I don't know if you have any Nancy Drews, but they're really fun and addictive!

Claire said...

Hi, Maggie! It's Gwen here. Your house's current state sounds just like ours last year! First Claire's TV crashed so she couldn't watch any movies or shows but could only hear it - they ended up having to get a new TV.

And then Claire's mom canceled their Blockbuster subscription after the prices went up. It's funny how we went through something similar to how it is at your house now.

I haven't seen Captain America yet, but I've heard that it's really good. We'll have to rent it sometime. Sorry for such a long comment. ;)


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for all of the comments, everyone. Your sympathy is overwhelming for grumpy old me. :}

I'm feeling a bit sheepish after my rant, especially since I'm always talking about how Hollywood doesn't do the books justice. So, I'm off to read Mama's copy of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". I'm determined to read it all the way through before I complain about boredom again. :)

I'm sure someone we know somewhere will eventually rent Captain America, and then Rachel and I will be able to see it. I think Mama's dad and brother really liked it, so maybe one of them will buy it and let us borrow it. :D

Thanks for listening, everyone.


Spicemuffin and Company said...

We'll always love hearing what you have to say. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Spicemuffin. :)


MyLittleMegara said...

Do you have a local library? 'Cause I bet they'll have it on DVD or BluRay...

beastsbelle said...

Hi, MyLittleMegara. Thanks for the suggestion. Thankfully, since this post, Mama bought her own copy, so I've seen it by now. ;) I didn't like it quite as much as Iron Man (he's still my favorite), but I still liked it.