Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maggie's Memo's: My Sisters!!!

So, wonder of wonders, it turns out I actually have two sisters instead of one!  As I mentioned before, my first sister, Kate, has been living at Grandmama's house all this time.  Mama and Grandmama have been meaning to get us together, but Kate didn't make it over here until a week ago.  It was only then that Mama decided to break the news that she and Mimi had discovered my other sister at a thrift store on an out-of-town trip.

I was still trying to process all this when the two of them arrived, at the same time, no less, in the room I shared with Rachel.  My roommate was elsewhere at the time, which was good, because there wouldn't have been room for all four of us.

The first meeting was...awkward, to say the least!  Both of them appeared to be waiting for me to talk.

"So," I began, "I know your name's Kate."  This was directed to the blue-eyed doll.  "What's your name?"

"Madison Amelia, but you can call me Maddy for short." she said shyly.

"Actually," Kate interjected, "everyone has been calling me Kate, but that's not my real name.  It's really Marigold Esther...Mary for short."

"Whoa, wait a minute," I interjected.  "They've been calling you the wrong name...and you let them, all this time?" I asked incredulously., nodded.

"Okay, you are so not related to me!" I muttered.

Mary looked confused.  She glanced over at Maddy.  I think they were both wondering if meeting me had been a good idea.  Maddy looked ready to cry.

I groaned.  "Take it easy...I'm not saying we're actually not related, I'm just saying there's no way I would have put up with someone calling me by the wrong name!"

Both of them visibly relaxed.  

"Look, why don't you sit down, okay?" I said, motioning to the chair behind them.  

Mary sat down in the chair and Maddy took the arm.

Our conversation was agonizing and painful at first, until Maddy saw my unicorn collection.

"I love unicorns!" she said excitedly.

"Me too!" agreed Mary.

I couldn't help smiling.  That was all it took.  We talked about unicorns and our favorite books and tons of other stuff. 

So, at first I wasn't sure about my sisters.  They seemed really girly and quiet.  But they're kinda growing on me.  I've always been solo in a sea of sisterhood (aside from Rachel, who's also without sisters).  I thought I was happy that way, but I have to admit, having siblings can be pretty cool.  Especially when they think you're the coolest thing since buttered bread. ;)

Maddy and Mary will be staying here until after Christmas.  I'm actually pretty excited about spending Christmas with my sisters.  Katie and Lucy are coming, too, so Tess and Hailey will get to have their cousins with them for the holidays.  I think Christmas could be pretty cool! 

So, since we were all together, of course Mama had to take like 20 million pictures!!  Here they are: 

The Wilson Sisters:  Madison Amelia (aka Maddy), Margaret Elena (aka Maggie), and Marigold Esther (aka Mary).  Whoever came up with our full names had some serious issues!  For those of you who are curious, I'm the oldest (13 years old), Mary is the middle sister (12 years old), and Maddy's the youngest (she's 10).  I'm not really sure how the whole "years old" thing works, since we're dolls and don't age.  I'm just going with what Mama told me.  Sometimes I wonder if she even knows what she's talking about!

Sweet little Maddy.  She's really wormed her way into my heart.

Moi ;)

Mary...she's got such pretty eyes!  They look kind of creepy when someone takes a picture of her with flash, though!  They almost glow. :}

And a couple of the obligatory side-by-side shots.

Finally, no more pictures!!  We were really glad to get back to hanging out and quit all the posing.  

Hope you guys are all having a great week before Christmas!  We'll be in touch later. ;)


Anonymous said...

i'm happy that you finally got to meet your sisters. I really love all of your dresses especially yours(my favorite color is blue/teal). Tell everyone a merry christmas for me.
Your reader,

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks Savanah. I'm trying to remind myself that my dress is my favorite color, because seriously, that's all it has going for it. The skirt is itchy and I look ridiculous. I'm really missing my khakis!!


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

LOL .. You crack me up, we had one dress that was itchy too, and this year mama finally got enough Christmas dresses so that we all have soft velvety or nice material dresses. It was hard for Mama to get that many dresses together.

I am sooooo excited for you to have found your sisters and get to spend Christmas with them. That is so kewl. You guys look beautiful together.


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Taryn! :) I'm totally getting dibs on a non-itchy dress next year. I don't care what color it is!

Well, okay, as long as it's not pink!


beast'sbelle said...

So it's been brought to my attention since I published this post that originally, Mary (formerly Kate) was supposed to be my twin sister. All I know is I'm just going with what Mama told me...both times. So take it up with her. The lady has issues. I'm pretty sure the ages mentioned in this post are our actual ages, though. I don't know...I just write the posts...I don't come up with all the facts.


Mary said...

Hi Maggie, this is Emily this time, Mary is my Mama. I know what it's like to suddenly know I have sisters after thinking I didn't, too! A few weeks ago Mama thought I had a sister named Joy and a cousin named Auderia, but now she thinks Auderia is my sister and Joy is my cousin! Sigh....all she knows for sure is that I have a sister named McKenna Julia Brooks. Fun times - not! ;)

beast'sbelle said...

Sheesh, what's with these humans? You'd think they could get this stuff figured out before they totally messed us up. It's amazing we're not all in therapy.

Interestingly enough, Mama was talking about a McKenna the other day and how she'd make a nice sister for Rachel. Will it ever end? ;)


Mickey's Girl said...

Maddy is very pretty! We have the same name too. Jeez I think we might be sisters! Glad to have you posting Maggie! ;)


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Maddie! I'd forgotten that you had the same name as my sister! What are the odds? ;)


Anonymous said...

The 2 remind me of Twiddle Dee and Twidle Dum (not that they're dumb! :)) Just how they come in and meet you and everyone's confused!

beast'sbelle said...

Yeah, we do resemble one another quite a bit, don't we? I'm just glad Mary and Maddy have different colored eyes, or I'd be sunk! ;)