Friday, December 30, 2011

Emma's Editorials: Christmas at Mimi's Part 1

Hi everyone!  Sorry it's taken me so long to get this post up.  This week has been pretty crazy!  I'm finally sitting down and making myself get it done!!  I have some Bollywood music playing on Rhapsody right now, but I may have to turn it off if I get too distracted with my feeble attempts at Bhangra to type! ;)

Our trip had a rather stressful beginning.  It took Mama almost all day to pack, so by the time she put us in the car, she was not in the mood to make sure we were perfectly comfortable.  It wasn't the most pleasant car ride we'd ever experienced, but we lived through it. ;)  Mama wasn't rude about it or anything...she just really wanted to get to Mimi's and be with her family!

Here we are crammed in the front seat!

Once we got there, we rushed back to Mimi's doll room to say hi to Kailani and Piper.  Ruthie and Janie had already gotten there, but were out taking a walk.  Kailani and Piper were really excited to see us.  They showed us their beautiful tree and their curio full of Christmas stuff. :)

Of course, I had to get a picture with Zaara!  She was as polite as ever.  She's been enjoying herself at Mimi's.  She has her own special spot in Mimi's office, and is surrounded by Mimi's Hrithik Roshan posters.  As you all know, I'm a Shahrukh gal myself, but Hrithik is an amazing dancer!  Mimi calls him "beautiful man"...he does have pretty amazing eyes!

Once Ruthie and Janie got back, Mama decided to take a group picture of all of us in our fancy dresses.  And then, of course, we had to do the obligatory individual shots (Mama's big on that!). ;)



Hayden (doesn't she look great in red plaid?)





After group photos, I took my sisters around the house.  I remembered how fun it had been to explore all of Mimi's fun decorations all over.  Charlie really liked the Christmas tree.  

It was fun to see a tree with colored lights.  Mama's tree has all white lights.  I know Mama and Papa like white lights the best for their elegance, but I have to admit I'm a bit partial to all of the bright colors on colored lights.  It's like decorating your tree with a rainbow! :)  

After we saw the tree, I led Hayden and Charlie to one of my favorite places from last year:  the snack table! :)

This year there was a white box sitting there.  There was something about chocolate on the label, so I knew we would like it. :)

There were so many different ones to choose from!

I chose this piece with pink on top.  It had a strawberry creme filling.  Yum! :)

I found another one for Charlie, while Hayden searched for her own.  She finally decided on one of the plain chocolate ones.  It had a yummy chocolate creme filling.

Next, we found THE FUDGE!!!  Mama's other aunt makes it every year, and it's AMAZING!!  

You can tell it's amazing just by looking at it! ;)

We found a really big piece and split it three ways.  It was just as wonderful as I remembered!

At this point, we all started grazing on our own.  We had to hurry while the humans weren't looking!  I made sure to remind my sisters to leave some for the humans and the other dolls.

Hayden went back to the boxed chocolates...

...while I chose another piece fudge and then helped myself to Mama's aunt's gingerbread cookies (another Christmas tradition!).  There were mixed nuts, too, so I picked out a few cashews.

Charlie went for the tortilla chips.  They were way better tasting than the whole grain ones that Mama has been getting!

When we'd stuffed ourselves with all of the yummy goodies, we continued our tour of the house.  We found another decorated tree in the dining room.  It had all sorts of really cool Coca Cola decorations which I loved. ;)

It was fun seeing the cute cardboard fireplace again.  We all pretended to warm our hands by the fire.

We ended our tour with a look at all of the presents.  Can you believe this pile of stuff?  It was like climbing Mount Everest!

Hayden was a little bit concerned that we shouldn't be climbing in the presents.

I assured her that it was okay.  I'd done the same thing last year.  We just had to make sure not to break anything! 

Can you find us in this picture?  It's like playing "Where's Waldo?" ;)

There are so many pictures, I think I'll break this up into parts.  More to come soon! :)

P.S.  Sorry I didn't write this in story form or anything.  I just want to get caught up, and I have to be in the right frame of mind to be that creative.  I'm always amazed at Tess's lengthy posts.  She writes everything in narrative, like her readers are a part of the story.  Oh well, this will just have to do! :}

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