Friday, December 12, 2014

Maggie's Memos: Finally Back!

Okay, this is downright embarrassing!  And no, I'm not referring to the fact that I'm in dotted swiss, although that's pretty bad, too.  (Dotted swiss?  Really, Mama?  Have I EVER struck you as the type of doll that would want to wear such a light, frilly thing like this?)

Sorry, moving on. :}  What I was actually referring to was the fact that it's been over TWO MONTHS since we've posted on this blog.  So much for the whole, "we're going to post every week" thing.  I guess it's just confirmation that we need to wrap this blog up.  We've become so content and engrossed in our lives that I suppose we've grown out of the need to document it.  That, or we're just plain lazy. ;)

I'm not going to fill this post with empty promises about how awesome our blogging will be in this last month of Jane Austen and Unicorns...this last month that's already half gone. ;)  Especially since it's the Christmas season and things are always super nuts around here at this time of year!!  Mama hasn't even gotten our Christmas decorations out yet.  Of course, she did take the time to get us all dressed up in our fancy dresses. favorite part of Christmas. >:(

We have a really cool post in the works that Tess is finishing up; it should be on the blog sometime in the next few days.

In the meantime, here are a few of the "professional" family pictures Mama took of us for Christmas. shoots.  My other favorite part of Christmas.  Blech.

Here are Tess, Hailey and Ella.  Hailey is totally loving her new glasses.  They remind her of Hello Kitty.  

Here's Charlie, Hayden, and Emma together.  Mama apparently decided to take them in reverse age order.  I think they need to work on looking at the camera, too. ;)

Alice and Coral, the other loners like me, decided to take a picture together since they're cousins.  Mama's hoping to get sister pictures of Coral and Saige (who lives with Grandmama) at some point.  And probably Alice, Piper, and Ruthie, too, if I know her.

And here are my roomies, Jenna and Rachel.   

And little ol' me. ;)  You'll notice I managed to ditch the fancy dress and go for a slightly more casual look. ;) 

My pal Tess decided she should take a picture with me so I wouldn't have to be all by myself.  She's pretty cool like that.

Of course, that got Mama into a photo shoot mood.  Ugh.

Here we are in sepia.

This picture's actually pretty cool, I've gotta admit. ;)

So that's all for now, folks.  More later.  How much more, I can't promise.  But you will hear from us again before we wrap things up...that you can count on. ;)



P.S. Since we're changing our header, here's the old one for our records. ;)


Karina B. said...

Beautiful pictures, girls!! =) Looking forward to your next post! =) =)

~Karina (& Rylie)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Karina and Rylie. :)


MyLittleMegara said...

Welcome back, ladies!

ella louise said...

Beastsbelle, how come you have a blog button, but you do not feature other people's blog buttons? :)
Ella xoxoxo

beastsbelle said...

Hey Ella Louise, this is Maggie. Mama (beastsbelle) actually has other people's blog buttons on her main blog (, but we decided to keep this blog simple and just put our own buttons up here.


NovaBabe said...

I love Emma's glasses in the photos here... which ones are they? Linnea wants a pair!
NovaBabe (and Linnea, from over my shoulder)

beastsbelle said...

Hey NovaBabe! Emma's glasses are the "Chocolate Glasses" from American Girl. You can find them HERE.