Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking News with Maggie: A New Addition


     There was someone new in the playroom today.  It was not, as you might guess from the title, a new baby.  Nor was it a new doll.  The newest family member is, in fact, a horse.  Dorcas, Leisel, Jane and Fancy Nancy finally got their wish.  For months they've been longing for a horse of their very own.  Today, that wish came true. 
    I caught up with Dorcas a few hours after the exciting occasion:

M:  Dorcas, do you have a moment to share a few thoughts?

D: Sure!  I mean, I'll try.  I'm so excited right now I don't know if my thoughts will make much sense!

M:  When exactly did you get your new pet?

D:  Just 2 hours ago.  Girl Mom picked it up from the thrift store for us.  Liesel's Girl told her all about it.

M:  By Girl Mom you mean...

D:  You know, our Girls' Mom?  I think Tess calls her Mama?

M:  Right...gotcha.  So, uh, how long have you girls wanted a horse?

D:  For as long as I can remember!  I've told my Girl all about it, but I had just about given up hope.  She didn't seem to be taking the hint.  Then, out of the blue, our horse was here this morning!  I just hope we get some time with her all by ourselves.

M:  What do you mean?

D:  Leisel's Girl is really attached to her!  We finally got some time with our horse all by ourselves when the Girls had to go to bed.

M:  I see.  I guess you guys will just have to share!  So, what have you decided to call her?

D: Actually, her name is Nitter-Penny.

M:  Uh, Nitter...Penny?  That's...well...quite...creative...

D:  Let me explain.  Before they had to go to bed, my Girl and Leisel's Girl were trying to decide what to name the horse.

M:  What about Jane's Girl?

D:  She's too little, and they kinda left her out of the conversation, I think.  Anyway, my Girl wanted to name the horse Nitter-Pitter because she'd just checked that book out at her school library today.  But Leisel's Girl wanted to name her Penny after Felicity's horse...you know, from the American Girl books?

M:  Right.  So, how did she end up being called Nitter-Penny?

D:  Don't you see?  It's a compromise!  Nitter from my Girl and Penny from Leisel's Girl.  It was Liesel's idea.  That sister of mine can be smart, even if she drives me crazy sometimes!

M:  Well, I bet you have the only horse named Nitter-Penny in the world!  Is she going to have a nickname?

D:  We haven't come up with one yet, but she probably will.  Nitter-Penny is quite a mouthful.  We'll just have to figure out a nickname that incorporates both names.  We try to be peacemakers as much as possible.

M:  Good luck with that!

     I stayed for a while and watched the girls play with "Nitter-Penny".  Their faces held unspeakable joy as they pet her, rode her, and fed her carrots.  I think she's going to feel right at home!  For "Breaking News with Maggie", this is Maggie Wilson.  Until next time, may you always run with unicorns and sing with hobbits.  :) 
     P.S.  Dorcas and I look so alike it's uncanny!  I wonder if we're long lost cousins or something...

Welcome, Nitter-Penny!

Horsey Hugs

Sweet Sisters:  Dorcas and Leisel go for a ride.
(Wow, I think it's about time for Mama to work on Leisel's hair again!)

Jane and Fancy Nancy take a turn!

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