Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaking News with Maggie

There's been a change in the Prescott household.  Hailey Prescott, age 10, has just received her first pair of eyeglasses.  I had an opportunity to interview Hailey on this momentous occasion. 

M: So, Hailey, what is it like having glasses?

H: It's really different.  I keep forgetting they're there.  When I try to rub my eye or something, I always end up hitting them.  It's good I have them, though.

M: Why is that?

H:  It was getting hard for me to see, especially at school.  I sit 4 rows back, and most of the time I couldn't read the white board at the front of the room. 

M: And now that you have glasses, has your vision improved?

H:  Oh, yeah, a lot!  I can almost see better than Tess now!  There were lots of things I didn't realize I was missing out on, like stuff in the background and individual leaves on trees.  The first day with my glasses I just stared at the trees.  Mama said I looked like I'd never actually seen the leaves before.

M: As much as they've helped your sight, have they been hard to get used to?

H:  Yep.  I had some bad headaches at first while my eyes were trying to adjust.  And sometimes it's hard to keep them clean.  One nice part is that the thing I worried the most about didn't happen.

M: What was that?

H:  I was worried that the kids at school would tease me because I looked different.  It's been great, though.  Everyone has been really nice.  I've even gotten some complements.  People say I look smarter, and Danielle says that my glasses accentuate my eyes...I think that means it makes people notice them more, or something like that.  Danielle loves using big words. 

M:  Well, thanks for taking the time for this interview.

H:  You're welcome.

That's all for Breaking News with Maggie this time.  Keep checking back for regular updates on the Prescott sisters and all their friends.


Elaine said...

Hailey, when I got my braces at nearly seventeen years old, I was a little anxious to see what other people would say about them too. But they never said anything about it. Now I've just gotten word from my orthodontist that I will be getting them off soon!
You look very cute in your glasses too. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Elaine!! Wow, I never get comments addressed to me. :) Tess told me that your comment was for me, so she let me come on and respond. :D

Congrats on almost being done with braces! It's funny how sometimes the anticipation about something is the worst part. My glasses never made anyone view me any differently. :) Now, I don't use them any more. I was having a hard time finding a pair that fit correctly and didn't give me headaches, so Mama let me get contacts instead. They can be a pain sometimes, but overall I like them a lot better!

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. :)


N said...

You look great, Hailey! I'm glad that the contacts are working out.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks so much, N! :)