Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breaking News with Maggie: Emily is Back!!!

Hello, this is Maggie Wilson with important news:  Emily has returned from surgery, and just in time for Christmas!  We're all excited to see her again, especially Ella.  She's missed her best friend terribly.  It's so nice that Emily will be able to share Christmas with us.

Sorry, there are no pics because Emily was still feeling really tired and a little queasy after her ordeal, so she wasn't really into having a camera in her face.  We'll be sure to post pics when she's feeling better, though.

In other news, Tess is planning on doing a special Christmas Day post, so if you have time in the middle of all your festivities, come by and check it out.

I'm actually a bit worried about Tess.  We've all known for a long time that she's Mama's favorite doll.  Everyone's okay with it, and we're happy for her, even though it embarrasses her.  So you can imagine our surprise when Mama mentioned today that she'll be taking Emma with her to their family's Christmas celebration.  This is the first time in the 2 years that Mama has had Tess that Tess won't be going with her to Christmas.  Mama said it was because she wanted Tess to be able to spend Christmas Day with her sisters, but it was still a shock.   I've been keeping an eye on far she seems okay, but I can tell she's hurt.  She's been making the best of it, going on and on about how fun it will be to have the house to ourselves and to be able to do a really big post on Christmas Day.  I know her better than that, though.  It's a big disappointment for her.

I'm trying not to be annoyed with Emma.  I know it's not her fault that Mama likes her so much, but it's hard to not say anything when my friend is hurting.  I'm hoping after Mama gets over the novelty of a new doll, things will get back to normal around here.

Well, gotta go for now.  I'll keep you all posted if anything else happens.  This is Maggie Wilson, signing off. :)

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