Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Emma's Christmas

Hi!  It's Emma, here to share some pics of my fantastic Christmas with Mama and her family.  Hope you enjoy them.  And sorry if this post isn't professional or anything...it's my first time blogging.  I'm not a writer like Tess or Maggie, so don't expect any fancy words or great creativity or anything.  :}

Mama's aunt's house was decked out so festively for Christmas.  She pulled out all of the stops this year since she knew everyone would be staying there.  I thought it would be fun to take some pics around different parts of the house:

Here I am with all of the snowmen on top of the movie shelf.

This is Mama's aunt's really cool vintage cardboard fireplace.  Mama says her aunt puts it up every Christmas.

The snack table, full of delicious goodies.  I think I must have gained 5 pounds from all of the sweets!!

All I can say is yummm!!  This is the gingerbread and fudge that Mama's other aunt makes every single year.  Mama (along with everyone else) looks forward to it every Christmas. 

Papa had a Christmas party at work and was given this pack of glass Coca-Cola bottles:  my favorite!!  It was a little hard for me to drink from them, though. :}

Check out this humongous pile of presents!!  It sure was fun opening them!

Here I am next to Mama's aunt's beautiful Christmas tree.

There were even decorations in the bathroom!!  See the cute little snowman soap dispenser on the right? 

It was really fun in there...I'd never seen a full-length reflection of myself before. :)

On Christmas morning, I couldn't sleep, so I sneaked out (sneaked?  snuck?  I don't know) to peek at the tree before everyone else woke up.  The colored lights were so beautiful!  We just have white lights on our tree at home.

 Christmas morning finally came, and with it, lots of excitement!  Mama got each of her girls a doll for Christmas this year:

Josefina for her oldest...

Felicity for her middle daughter...

...and a Gotz Precious Day doll for her youngest (her youngest girl calls the doll Molly after the American Girl doll of the same name...Molly's her favorite, but Mama figured 2 1/2 was a little young to receive her first American Girl doll).  :)

I got some presents, too! 

Mama gave me this adorable Coca-Cola polar bear...she must have read my interview! :)

(Yes, I know my hair was a bit messy, but hey, it was Christmas morning!) :)

I also got a Squinkie kitty.  I was so happy to have one of my very own...I've enjoyed seeing the other girls' Squinkies.

Here I am with my fun presents:  some American Girl stickers, a Lemon Heads lunchbox, my Squinkie and Polar Bear, a Glitter lamp (like a lava lamp), and my Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z (it's one of Papa's favorite kinds of cars). 

I had so much fun at my first Christmas!!  It was nice to get back home and see all of my new friends again, though.  I hope all of you had wonderful Christmases, too.  God bless you! :)

P.S.  Thanks, Tess and Maggie, for letting me post on your blog. :D


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Oooohhhhh .. looks like you had a wonderful time .. how totally kewl .. You are fitting in good in your new home .. I am so glad that you got to such a wonderful family .. great job on your post .. it is a super first post .. hope to hear more from you ..


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Marsali! :) It was pretty fun posting...maybe I can talk Tess and Maggie into letting me do it again sometime. :)


Caelen12 said...

That must have been fun!

beast'sbelle said...

I had so much fun!! It was the perfect way to spend my first Christmas with my new family. :) Thanks for commenting...wow, too many more comments, and Tess and Maggie will start getting jealous! ;}


Kelly&Me said...

Hey Emma Do you think you're going to do the same thing this years Christmas? This post was pretty fun to read

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Kelly!

Our Christmas plans aren't set in stone yet, but we'll most likely be going to the same place. Mama said that this year Hayden and Charlie will get to come with me too. :D Grandmama even mentioned that she might bring Ruthie, and if we're at Mimi's house, then Piper will be there, too. It would be so fun to have Christmas with my sisters and my cousins! :)