Friday, January 13, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Wow, 60 Followers!

Hey, we're moving up in the world! :)  We've finally hit 60 followers!  Yes, it's me...Maggie.  I figured it was about time I posted so you didn't all think that this was now Emma's blog.  I know she had a lot of things to post about from Christmas, but good grief!  Let's not take advantage of being an honorary member of Tess and Maggie's Blog, shall we?

Tess and I were thinking it would be fun to do some sort of blog event in celebration of reaching 60 followers.  We're still in the brainstorming stage, so we'll keep you posted when we come up with something clever. :)

Thanks to all of our followers, readers, and fans.  This wouldn't be nearly as rewarding without all of you. :)  Yikes, I can't believe I said that...normally Tess is the mushy one.  I must be getting soft in my old age. ;)



The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow, congrats! That's a lot! :-)

It's great to see you again, Maggie. We love Tess and Emma, too, but it wouldn't be the same without you.


Claire said...

Congrats on 60 followers, Maggie (and Tess...didn't want to leave her out!) :D Can't wait to see what sort of celebration you come up with! The one-year anniversary for my blog is coming up in a few weeks, so I had better get started on preparations. :}

Have a great weekend!


Mickey's Girl said...

Congratulations guys! You all definitely deserve more. ;) Man, we really need to step it up on The 5 Little Bloggers! If only our laptop had INTERNET!!! I'm not bitter though. ;)


Maddie Fitzherbert

beast'sbelle said...

Thank you to all of my adoring fans! ;)

Josefina, I'm glad SOMEONE out there appreciates my contributions to the blog. I mean, just think about it. Without me, you'd have nothing but sappy, sweet stuff and an overdose of Jane Austen and Bollywood on here! ;)

Congrats on being so close to your one year Blogoversary, Mia! We sure had a lot of fun with ours. Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Sorry about your lack of Internet on your laptop, Maddie. That's got to be frustrating! Just tell your humans to get with the program and figure it out. Um...of course, that didn't really go over too well over here, so try it at your own risk. :} I hope you get your Internet back soon.
Talk to you guys later!


Mary said...

Congrats, Maggie! 60 followers is AWESOME, and you have a couple readers with no Blogger or Google accounts too. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Mary. :) That's why we enjoy our page views counter and our stats page on our blog. It gives us an even better idea of how many people are reading our posts. :)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

You are doing great with followers, I have to laugh I have 80 followers and do not get as many comments on my blog .. LOL!!

Congrats for all your followers and we LOVE you guys .. It has been fun to have Emma post too, but we sure have missed you Maggie ..


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks Taryn. Obviously I'm going to have to step in and post more often. I've gotta keep the fans happy, right? ;)


beast'sbelle said...

Btw, I'm sorry you guys don't get too many comments. We've been really bad at commenting on other blogs lately. We kind of go in spurts! :}


Wendy said...

Congrats on getting 60 followers! We love your blog! I'm bad about remembering to comment, but your blog is wonderful. =)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks Wendy. Don't worry about the commenting issue...we forget to comment sometimes too! ;)


Anonymous said...

Congrats it most be exciting having so many blog celeberations in your house your blog and beasts belle. You really deserve it
Your reader savanah

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Savanah. :)