Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking News with Maggie: Announcing Our 60 Followers Giveaway Winner!!! :D

This is Maggie Wilson with an important announcement!  We have a winner, folks!  Out of 14 entries, our winner is...


Congratulations, Claire!  We'll be sending you an email shortly to confirm your win.

Claire will have one week to respond and claim her prize.  If we don't hear from her by Saturday, February 4th, then we will hold another drawing and a new winner will be chosen.  

Thanks for entering, everyone!  We hope to bring you many more wonderful posts in the future.  Here's looking at 100 FOLLOWERS!!! (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

Oh yes, and one other quick announcement...Tess, Emma and I wanted to wish Hayden a Happy Birthday!  Tomorrow is her 12th birthday...again (remember, we don't age?), and we most likely won't have a chance to be on the computer then.  Mama really wanted to give each of us a little celebration on our birthdays this year, so I think there may be a little party of some kind tomorrow.  If there is, we'll be sure to post pics later.

This is Maggie Wilson, signing off. ;)

Ummm...we just looked, and Claire, you didn't give us your email address.  Could you either leave a comment with your email or just email us at  You can just put "Attn:  Maggie and Tess" on it, and then Mama will know it's for us. Thanks!


Jessie said...

Happy birthday, Hayden! And congrats Claire!! :)

Mickey's Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Hayden! I know it's not exactly fun blowing out 12 candles every year!

Way to go Claire!! You totally deserve it! :)


Anonymous said...

congrats claire did you hear from her yet

beast'sbelle said...

Claire responded in the comments, but I'm waiting to get her mailing address. :)

Anonymous said...

ok thanks for the update

beast'sbelle said...

No problem...oh, and that last comment was from me, by the way, not Mama! ;) Every once in a while I forget to sign my name.


Claire said...

Hi Tess! Sorry for not having emailed you yet...I had a bit of a busy weekend and there was barely time to check my email! I'm emailing you my address right now. :)

Claire said...

Just sent the email...(: Thank you so much!

Claire & Mia

beast'sbelle said...

We got it! :) Okay, everyone!! We've officially heard from Claire, so she is the official winner of our giveaway! :)

Maggie and Tess

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Congrats to Claire and Mia too .. and Happy Happy Birthday Hayden ..

Bolton Girls