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Emma's Editorials: Trivia Game Answers!

Okay, it's the moment you've been waiting for...well, one of the moments, anyway! ;)  I'm here to share the answers to our trivia game! :D

All of the answers are in red, and each answer is followed by links to the posts or pages where the answers can be found.  Since many of the answers were on Mama's "My Dolls" page, we only did a link there the first time, rather than doing a new link every time it was mentioned.  I hope that works okay for all of you.  It just seemed kind of repetitive to keep doing a link to the same page. :}

Also, on behalf of all of us, I'd like to apologize...our first question apparently could only be answered if you knew it by heart! (And some of you did, so congrats!)  We searched the blog high and low but couldn't find any mention of Ella's full name.  How embarrassing!  So, as a result, everyone gets #1 correct, whether you got it or not.  If you did end up with the correct answer, you get a bonus point for being a super duper follower! ;D

So, without further ado, here are the answers to the game:

1.  What is Tess and Hailey's little sister Ella's full name?
             Elinor Anne Prescott

2.  What is Maggie's favorite food?
             Fried chicken   (see Maggie's section in "My Dolls")

3.  Which of Jane Austen's novel is Tess's favorite?
             "Pride and Prejudice"  (Tess's section in "My Dolls"; "Tea with Tess:  In Which Emma and Tess Discuss Their Jane Austen Favorites")

4.  Who is Rachel's favorite Marvel superhero?
              Thor (Rachel's section in "My Dolls"; "Maggie's Memos:  Day Six"; "Maggie's Memos:  I'm an Official Avengers Fan!")

5.  Which Bollywood actor is Emma's favorite?
              Shahrukh Khan (Emma's section in "My Dolls"; "Tess's Tidbits:  Vivah Movie Night"; "Breaking News with Maggie:  An Interview with Emma Grace")

6.  How would Hayden most likely spend her day:
              a. telling a story in a fancy dress
              b. running in a marathon
              c. working a mathematics equation
(Okay, for this one you're supposed to guess after reading Hayden's section in "My Dolls" and this post: "Guest Post by Hayden:  A Trip to Mimi's") :)

7.  Where would Charlie love to go someday?
             The ICR Creation Museum (Charlie's section in "My Dolls")

8.  Who is Hayden's favorite Disney Princess?
               Princess Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel (Jasmine is her most favorite princess, but we're not sure that we ever made that clear.  So now you know!) :)  (Hayden's section in "My Dolls"; "Emma's Editorials:  Our 106th Post...Welcoming Hayden")

9.  Hailey enjoys:
               a. singing
               b. soccer
               c. interpretive dance
(Hailey's section in "My Dolls")

10.  Which city in California did Maggie travel to over summer vacation?
               Eureka, CA ("Maggie's Memos:  Back from Vacation:  Day 1")

11.   Which popular fictional characters does Tess NOT like?
               The characters from Twilight ("Tess's Tidbits:  A Jane Austen Girl in a Twilight World")

12.  What would you most like to see in a future post?
               Any answer is correct! :)

So, you may be wondering how you did?  Well, now that the contest is over, we'll be posting your answers in the comments of our original trivia game post and you can see.

Here are the official results:
-Mia: 13 points
-Mary:  13 points
-Jessie:  11.5 points (we gave you half a point for #11, because it's kinda true, even if it's not the answer we were looking for) ;)
-Maddie F.:  10.5 points (you got half a point for the same reason as Jessie) ;)
-Savanah:  10.5 points (same as the others)
-Emma:  10 points

If you scored 12 or above, bravo!  You are a Jane Austen and Unicorns Expert! ;)

If you scored 10 or below, well done!  You know us pretty well!

If you scored 8 or below, might want to brush up just a bit, but still pretty good.

If you scored below 5 points, you are hereby commanded to read our entire blog to get to know us better!  Lol...not really...just teasing you. ;)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our fun little game.  Thanks for the great ideas for future posts, too!  Mama was so glad that Jessie mentioned putting something up about Hayden on our "Meet the Gals" page...she'd completely forgotten about it! :}

We'll have a post up soon announcing the winners of our giveaway! :D

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Mickey's Girl said...

Way to go everyone! Especially Mia and Mary! This was so much fun!

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