Monday, September 1, 2014

Tess's Tidbits: BeForever Launch Party

Hello, everyone!  Our plan to post at least once per week was not as successful as we had thought, but hopefully we'll be able to get back on track with this post. :}

As many of you know, last week the American Girl Company launched their new historical line, "BeForever".  I only knew about this because Mama and Grandmama had been talking about it constantly, wondering what the new items and doll clothing would look like.  I was ecstatic to hear that Samantha was supposed to be returning to American Girl.  I wondered what new fashions in my size would be available, and whether there would be a new mini doll.  

On the eve of the release, Grandmama and Mama decided to have a party together and wait up to see all of the new products, which would be online at about 10 PM in our time zone.

By the way, I'd like to apologize in advance for the pixelated backgrounds of some of these pictures.  There were several of Mama's story notes and some personal information behind us that Mama didn't wish to share with the entire Internet. ;)

At around 7 PM, there was a knock on the door.  Mama asked me to answer it.  I was rather embarrassed, for I'd already changed into my pajamas for the night.  Mama said there was no reason to be embarrassed when we'd specifically planned a "pajama party".  I was still concerned.  Wearing one's pajamas indoors is one thing...opening the door in one's pajama's is quite another.  Mama would not take no for an answer, however, so reluctantly, I went to the door.

It was Janie and Ashley, two of the dolls who live with Grandmama.  They had decided to come along for the pajama/BeForever party.  

(Please excuse the unswept floor in the above photo.  Mama was mortified when she saw it.) :}

I noticed that they'd each brought a Historical doll with them to celebrate the occasion.  Janie had her Josefina doll, and Ashley carried her Kaya doll.

I welcomed them inside.  Shortly afterwards, Grandmama appeared at the door with some snacks and a few things for Mama.  While Grandmama visited with Mama's daughters back in their rooms, I led Janie and Ashley to the living room.  They decided to change into their pajamas as well, so I showed them a perfect spot between the couch and the loveseat that would give them some privacy.

By the time they were done, everyone else had gathered up around the computer.  That is, almost everyone.  Maggie, Rachel, Jenna, and Charlie decided they'd skip the party.  

We'd decided to make the computer desk our "center of operations" while awaiting the new items.  Janie and Ashley climbed up and joined us.

Janie settled herself across from Emma.  They were well acquainted from trips and Christmases they'd spent together.

My little sisters Hailey and Ella were there, too.  Ella, of course, was there to see the new mini dolls.  She has quite a collection of dolls already, but as you know, one can never have too many dolls! ;)  Hailey wasn't necessarily interested in anything specific, but I think she wanted to be with us.  

Emma, Hayden, and Charlie's cousin Alice was there as well.  Again, she was not all that interested in BeForever, but she was interested in spending time with everyone.

I situated myself near the computer screen, and Coral (the Hathaway sisters' other cousin) sat next to me.  I must confess, I still find myself rather tongue-tied around her.  She was quick to explain upon our first meeting that she's not actually the Caroline I read about in the books (much like Belle of "Belle's Bulletins" is not the actual Belle for which she is named).  

Still, I can't help but think of Coral as Caroline, and it makes me feel shy and embarrassed around her.  Her character's story is from my favorite historical era, and she's got those gorgeous blonde curls and those amazing eyes that are part green, part blue.  Compared to her, I feel like a drab little sparrow.

Ashley sat by the computer tower...

...and watched Hayden, who was busy keeping an eye on the American Girl site.


There was nothing to see yet!

To pass the time, we browsed through the AGPT official BeForever release thread.  (Mama let us log in using her password.)  We all decided we were thankful to be living on the West Coast.  Members on the East Coast had to stay up incredibly late!

The time seemed to crawl by.  While we waited, we tasted the delicious snacks that Grandmama had brought.

At long last, 10 PM arrived.  It took a while for everything to show up on the website, but after a while the BeForever products were visible.

We all gathered around the screen to get a better look.  Hayden was in charge of the mouse, so we pointed to different things we wanted to look at, and she clicked on them for us.

I thought the new photography was especially nice.

As we took a closer look at the different items, I was a little disappointed at some of the fashions.  They did not seem all that historically accurate.  Everyone else was ranting and raving about how cute everything was, though, so I didn't voice my opinions.

Everyone found at least one outfit or doll they wanted.  Ashley and Janie both wanted Addy's Outfit.  Hailey liked Caroline's Party Gown best of all.  I decided not to point out that it was satin and would therefore be difficult to get off and on without snagging.  It was beautiful and looked like the type of thing Hailey would enjoy wearing.  

Ella fell in love with the new Samantha mini doll, saying she looked a lot like her.  She also decided it would be fun to have Samantha's Outfit so she could match her doll.  Coral liked the look of Rebecca's Holiday Outfit.  I agreed that it would be lovely on her.  

Emma gushed over Addy's School Outfit, saying it looked like something right out of "Little Women". Alice liked Kit's Reporter Dress until she realized the dress was all one piece.  She prefers to mix and match with her clothing, and I think she was interested in using the skirt as a separate piece.  She liked Julie's Tunic Outfit, too, basically for the pants.  I'm not a fan of hot pink myself, but I suppose everyone has their own specific tastes.  I doubted she'd convince Mama on that one, though. ;)

Hayden liked Kit's Reporter Dress best of all, as well as the mini Rebecca because it reminded her of Jenna. 

I loved Samantha's Holiday Set, but I knew the chances of getting it were highly unlikely.  Mama wasn't keen on spending $64 for a human-sized dress, much less a doll-sized one.  Then I realized that if I got Sam's new Holiday dress, I wouldn't match my 25th Anniversary Mini Samantha at Christmastime.  I liked the new mini Samantha, too, but I didn't want to hurt my own mini Samantha's feelings by getting another doll just like her. ;)

I did like Rebecca's Outfit, and wondered if I might be able to get that someday.  I'm a big fan of purple. :)    Addy's Outfit was lovely, too...and the matching mini doll was adorable.

Mama has already mentioned that she and Grandmama and possibly Mimi might try to go to the AG Place this month.  I wish I could go too, but I usually don't get to go on such long trips.  Mama worries about me too much.  I wonder who Mama will take with her, and whether they'll get anything at the store?  

We didn't get any more pictures from the party.  By the time Mama and Grandmama had finished looking at everything, Grandmama was tired and needed to get home with Janie and Ashley.  I'm glad we had such a fun time together.

Until next time, dearest readers!


P.S.  If you'd like more information on the BeForever launch, Mama published a rather lengthy post about it  on her blog HERE. :)


Claire said...

Hi Tess! Mia here (long time no see!) ;).

We have the same opinions on the BeForever line! :) I definitely agree; not everything seemed historically accurate. I loved Samantha's new 'meet' dress and her holiday outfit. (Must they insist on calling it a holiday dress? Samantha DID celebrate Christmas!)

I hope you get to go to the AG Place (if that trip happens) - I've been once and it was wonderful!


beastsbelle said...

It's so good to hear from you, Mia! We've missed you. I trust all is well in your corner of the world?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt the outfits and such were not the most historically accurate. It will be interesting to see how the new launch does.

I would love to go to the AG Place, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high just in case. ;)


Claire said...

We're all well, thank you! I'd love to get back into blogging eventually, but at the moment the humans are busy with activities and events, so I don't get much time with the computer. :} Hopefully that can change; I've missed blogging!

Let us know if an AG Place trip happens for any of you - I'd love to hear about it!


beastsbelle said...

I'm glad to hear you're well. If you get back into blogging, you may be picking it up just as we wrap our own blog up. :} We still plan to make occasional appearances on Mama's blog, though.

I'll be sure to let you know if I end up going to the AG Place. Even if I don't get the opportunity to go, whoever does will share pictures and memories from the trip here on the blog. :)