Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maggie's Memos: We're Back! :)

Hi there...did you miss us?  Okay, here's the thing.  First, we had to help Mama get ready for her daughter's party.  Then, the day after that, Mama lost her camera...the one that had ALL of the pics we took for this post (seriously, what is it with humans and losing stuff?).  Finally, yesterday, Mama's mom found the camera (it had been in the trunk of the car...long story there).  But we've been waiting for a chance to do a post since then.  Mama's 3 girls all have ear infections again and that's kind of thrown off the usual routine.  All day yesterday, it was impossible to get to the computer without being spotted. 

So, there you have it.  All that to say...we're finally back and hopefully close to some sort of normalcy! :}  

But you must be wondering about the party! Well, it was a HUGE success.  True to her word, Mama allowed all of us to be there to share the event.  We felt very festive gracing the top of the piano, and we had a great view of everything.  

There were LOTS of little girls, dolls and stuffed animals there...almost too many to count.  And adding sugar to that didn't help (you should have seen how many Oreos some of those girls crammed onto their plates!).    

Mama's aunt and mom even brought their dolls, Kate and Jo.  It was nice to see them again. :)

We got a chance to make a few new friends, as a few of the girls put their dolls on the piano with us.  Overall, though, we just watched, waiting for our chance to go raid the refreshment table! :)

Okay, I'm getting hungry again just looking at these pics!  You'll notice that Mama was decent enough to put both doll and girl-sized snacks out.  Of course, when it comes to Oreos, I think I can manage a regular-sized cookie, thank you very much!  And I have no idea why stupid Blogger uploaded the last pic sideways.'s so frustrating!

Mama's aunt and mom made all of these little blue party hats for each of the dolls and stuffed animals that came.  We even got to try a few on after everyone left (as you'll notice from the pic at the top of this post).

Here are all of our close-ups. ;) We decided that since it was a "Dolly and Me" party, we should bring our favorite dolls or stuffed animals, too.

Emma got the place of honor at the table, of course. Not like Mama plays favorites, or anything.

Katie brought her favorite red teddy bear...hmm...I actually don't know if he has a name! She loves him to death, though. She's really excited Mama got her such a nice big backpack so that from now on he can go with her on her travels.

Tess brought her Rebecca doll. I don't know how much you'll be seeing of Rebecca now that Tess's new Samantha doll is here...but more on that in a later post.

I decided to bring my stuffed unicorn, Fable. I know, I don't strike you as the stuffed purple and white unicorn type, right? Well, with this guy and my pink unicorn Cotton Candy I make an exception. I've had them for as long as I can remember...they're nostalgic. And if you have a problem with that, you can have a nice knuckle sandwich.

Oh, and you may have noticed that everyone else is dressed up, while I'm still in my usual pants and newsboy cap. That's because Mama let us choose what to wear. At first, she was going to dress us up all frilly and everything. I wanted to gag. At the last minute, though, she decided she didn't have enough fancy dresses for everyone, and she wanted to kind of match Emma. Apparently Mama's not into wearing frilly dresses, either. ;)

Charlie chose Buzz Lightyear as her party guest. I don't know that he really counts as a doll OR a stuffed animal, but Tess told me to be nice and not point that out. You'll notice Charlie's actually wearing a dress willingly. That's only because Mama told her it was okay to wear her cowgirl boots and her Buzz Lightyear necklace, too.

Hailey decided to bring her Rapunzel doll (no surprise there). I'm thinking her stuffed Hello Kitty that used to be her favorite is starting to feel pretty left out, though.

Mama's daughter's Josefina got to join us, too. Didn't Mama do a great job with her hair? Not that I'd want to wear mine that way, mind you. Still, I'll give credit where credit is due.

Here are Mama's middle daughter's two dolls:  Leisel and Felicity.  Having a little problem there, Leisel?

Check out all of that loot!  I offered to help Mama's daughter open her presents, but she said she'd be just fine.  Hmmph.  Some people just won't accept good help when it's offered.

Overall, it was a great party.  Mama did surprisingly well handling that many little girls.  They did a little craft, had their pictures taken, ate snacks, watched Mama's daughter open her gifts, and then had some playtime together.  I think a big part of the success was having Mama's mom and aunt there.  I'm pretty sure Mama would have been a lot more frazzled handling 12 little girls by herself! :}

Of course, the best part for us was after the party, when we could all relax and finish up the few leftovers (the Oreos were just about GONE).  Dorcas and Josefina were really happy with the party results.  Dorcas got a new dress, and Josefina finally got her Nina doll she's been wanting for a long time.

Felicity was just plain worn out.

Molly was recovering in shock in the corner, where Mama's youngest daughter had placed her and then promptly forgotten her.  Molly got a lot more traffic down there than we did up on the piano!

Hope you enjoyed the pics...sorry the post was so delayed.  Keep checking back for more posts.  We have several in the works for you. :)


Phoebe said...

Sounds like it went well! That's wonderful she found the camera!

beast'sbelle said...

Yep, she was pretty relieved! :)


Spicemuffin said...

I'm so glad she found her camera! I bet she was stressed out about it. By the way, it's sounds like a fun party those girls had!

~Sunshiny Ivy

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Awesome party .. looks like you guys had a great time .. I think that is wonderful that Charlie is wearing her cowgirl boots with her dress .. we do that kind of thing around here too .. it looks good ..

Soooooo glad that you guys found the camera I have been there thinking it was lost too .. it is always such a relief to find it ..


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the comments, girls. :) Yes, we're ALL happy about the discovery of Mama's camera. :) Glad you all enjoyed the post. Oh, and I'll be sure to pass on the complement to Charlie, Marsali! :)


The Green Girls said...

Welcome back! :-)

Glad your party went well! The pictures are great.

The Green Girls

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, girls! :)