Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma's Editorials: Our Cousin Moves to Town (My First Official Post!) :D

Hi everyone!  It's Emma, filling in for Tess and Maggie.  I had so much fun writing my Christmas post, and I've been talking to Tess about how much I'd love to do more blogging.  It took a while, but Tess finally convinced Maggie to let me have my own posts on here. :D  I'm so excited!  I'm not as good at writing as Tess and Maggie are, but I hope you'll bear with me all the same. :}

For my first official "Emma's Editorials" post, I thought nothing could be better than a special announcement.  Our cousin Ruthie has moved to town!  She's living with Mama's mom (we all call her Grandmama), so we will get to see her a lot!  Charlie and I are so excited!  We didn't even know we had a cousin until Mama told us.  We know how much fun Tess and Hailey have with their cousin Katie, so we're really looking forward to getting to know Ruthie better.  She's really nice.

Here's a pic of the three of us together on the day Ruthie arrived:

On Saturday, we got to go visit Ruthie at Grandmama's house.  In Mama's family, they do the egg hunt and Easter dinner on the Saturday before Easter.  That way, Easter Sunday is all about Jesus, not candy and bunnies.  Plus, most of Mama's family is usually involved in the Easter Cantata at the church, so Easter Sunday is already really crazy without adding anything else. :) 

Charlie and I were so excited to visit Ruthie!  Mama got us all dressed up for the occasion.  Charlie got to continue wearing the dress she'd picked out for Mama's oldest daughter's birthday party.  Since I was more casual, Mama wanted to choose a nice dress for me to wear, too.  I really liked the dress she got for me, but I could have done without the big, pink bow in my hair.  It was a little juvenille for a 14 year old, in my opinion. I didn't want to hurt Mama's feelings, though, so I wore it anyway. 

When we first got to Grandmama's house, we found Ruthie hard at work, dyeing Easter eggs.  She looked so cute in her new Easter dress!  Grandmama had also provided her with a special apron so she wouldn't get the dye on her dress.

Ruthie showed us how to do it.  She put each egg carefully in the cups full of dye, then let them sit long enough for the color to stay.

I was really impressed.  I'd never dyed eggs before. 

Ruthie asked if we wanted to dye eggs too.

Charlie thought it was a great idea, but then I realized that we didn't have any way to protect our clothes (Easter egg dye really stains).  We decided we'd just watch Ruthie instead.

Soon, the last two eggs were ready.  Ruthie took them out, and then we visited and played together for a while so that the eggs could dry.

At last the eggs were all dry.  Ruthie put them in a beautiful basket.

Now we could go hide them and do our Easter egg hunt!!  We stopped for a family photo first. (Sorry, we didn't get any pics of our actual egg hunt, but we had a lot of fun!)   Happy Easter, everyone! :)

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