Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Day Four

Day 4 began with preparations for another beach trip.  Mama informed me that Jess and Rachel would be joining us, too.  I have to admit I was a bit jealous, but at the same time, I knew that they would really enjoy it. 

Rachel and Jess were so excited when they heard the news!  A few minutes later, they pulled me into the garage, where their clothes had been drying. 

"Everything's dry now," Jess explained.  "We were wondering if you wanted to pick something out to wear."

I looked over their stuff.  A blue and white soccer jersey quickly caught my eye, along with a mesh, cropped hoodie.  "These would be cool," I said, pointing to them.

"Go for it!" Jess beamed.  "Do you mind if we still borrow some of your things today?" she asked hesitantly.

I nodded.  "That's fine."  I picked up the jersey and hoodie.  "So, I hear you guys get to come with us today."

Both girls were grinning at this.  "We can't wait!" Rachel blurted out. 

I was surprised.  That was the most assertive I'd seen her since she'd joined us. 

She blushed a little bit at her outburst.  "We...we just hoped we'd get to go to the beach one more time before..."

"...before we move away and don't get to visit the ocean anymore," Jess finished for her.

Rachel nodded.

I hadn't even thought about how hard it must be for them to move so far away from their hometown.  I'd only been to the beach once and had already fallen in love.  I couldn't imagine how much they would miss the ocean when they left it.

"Time to go!" Mama called from the other room.  "We're stopping by Tuesday Morning and the mall before we hit the beach, okay gals?"
We all piled in the van and made our way to Tuesday Morning, one of Mama's favorite stores.

Once again, Mama had the "brilliant" on top of the car idea.  We didn't stay in the store for long, because Mama's girls were hungry.

So we loaded up again and headed over to the Bayshore mall.  And yet again, Mama had us sit on top of the van.  I wonder if she realizes how absolutely embarrassing it is to pose this way?

After a quick lunch, we made our way to Samoa Beach.  The girls all brought their dolls, but they were quickly forgotten in the excitement of sand and surf.  Of course, knowing the way the girls play, it was probably better that way.  I'm sure Josefina, Polly, and Molly would have ended up with sand in their eye sockets or something!

Mama took several pics of the three of us on the beach.  It was another beautiful day!

There's Grandmama in the background!

Rachel asked Mama to take this pic of her so that she would have a picture at one of her favorite places when she went home with us.  I wondered how she'd adjust to our hot, 100 degree and above summers.

The waves were stunning at this beach. 

Here's a pic that Mama took at a rest stop down the road.  All three of her girls had to go potty about half an hour after we arrived.  Of course, there was no bathroom at the beach.  Papa and Mama piled the kids in the car and drove them to the restroom.  Jess, Rachel and I stayed at the beach with the grownups.

We stayed for about 2 hours at the beach, enjoying wonderful, mild weather.  Just after 2 hours, the wind changed, and within seconds, our mild, warmish weather disappeared.  The wind was stronger and was coming directly off the water...it was downright COLD!!!  It didn't take us long to decide that we'd had enough beach time for today.  We piled back into the vehicles, teeth chattering. 

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful.  We just visited, ate, sang to Mr. S's guitar, and hung around the house.  Papa went with the S kids and Mama's aunt to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  I would have been interested in going, but I wasn't invited.  Mama stayed to take care of the girls, so I was stuck too.  Phooey.

Stay tuned for Day 5, soon to come!

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