Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Day Five

Day 5 was Sunday.  The original plan was for all of us to go to the S's church, but Mama was really worn out, so she sent the girls in with Papa and everyone else and stayed home to take a nap.  I stayed with her and dozed off myself. 

Later that afternoon, everyone took a trip to Old Town Eureka.  The main reason we went was so that Mama's girls could feed the pigeons that gather at the Old Town gazebo.  They've gone almost every year, and Mama's girls really enjoy it. 

I decided to stay away from the pigeons.  I don't really trust them, and it's kind of creepy when they come flying in hordes to eat the birdseed!

So, while Mama's girls fed the pigeons, I contented myself with posing for some pics around the gazebo.  In this pic, you can see some of the pretty Old Town buildings in the background.

The gazebo has a really cool fountain that goes all the way around it.  Mama's girls really enjoyed this too, although I think Mama, Grandmama, and Mama's aunt were a little worried that they would fall in.

Right next to the gazebo was a chocolate shop filled with all sorts of treats.  Just walking in and taking a whiff of the chocolate scented air was enough to make you crave it.  They had all sorts of unique gifts, like these candy boxes made of chocolate...

...and these chocolate crabs.  Perfect for a town by the sea! :)

Once again, Blogger is being bratty and uploading my pics sideways.  You still get the idea, though.  I've never seen so much chocolate in one place!

And of course, the best part was eating some chocolate. ;)

After the chocolate shop, we went to one of Mama's favorite Old Town stores:  Booklegger.  It's full of fun used books.  We all had a great time browsing. 

By the time we got done at Booklegger, there was just time for Mama to pop into one more store before the shops started closing (everything closes early on Sunday afternoons).  So, we all piled back into the cars and headed back to the S's house. 

Tonight was the very last night of our stay, so I was wondering what the plan was going to be.  Imagine my shock when I found out that, through a last-minute series of events, Mama and Papa were going to get to stay in a nice hotel for the evening...all by themselves!  Mama's girls were going to stay at the S's house and have a slumber party. 

Naturally, I assumed I would be going with Mama and Papa.  I mean, more photo ops, right?  Besides, they were thinking about going to see a movie, which would be TOTALLY fun, and eating out, and shopping.  That so beat sitting at the house babysitting and watching Mama's girls get their toenails painted.

I was shocked when Mama told me that I would be staying for the slumber party instead.  Are you kidding me?  Veggie Tales, toenail polish and sleepless kiddos versus a movie, dinner out and Wendy's Frostys?  Hmm...let me think. 

I tried to convince Mama that I needed to go with them, but nothing I said worked.  She was irritatingly nice about it, but her mind was made up.  I couldn't believe it.  Left out of an evening of fun to be a babysitter.

I watched grumpily as the others cheerfully played.  Grandmama brought all of us dolls out and set us up on the chair in the living room so that we could all be a part of the party.  Whoop-de-doo.  I was in an even worse mood when Mr. S and Grandpapa came out and announced that they were going to go see "Thor".  Seriously?  I would LOVE to see that movie!  Of course, no one asked ME to go.  Pshh.  Figures.

Then, to add insult to injury, the next morning Grandmama got a call from Mama.  We found out that they'd eaten at the Philly Cheese Steak restaurant, had gotten a Frosty and Parfait from Wendy's, and that they'd also seen "Thor"!!  Meanwhile, I got to stay in the room with the snuffly kids and the snoring dog.  Lovely.

Okay, so this wasn't my favorite day, but I guess everyone has those.  I guess Mama and Papa just wanted some time alone.  Whatever.  All I can say is that someday, Mama will regret not seizing the photo ops we could have had.  No pics at Philly Cheese Steak and the movie theater and the hotel.  Your loss, Mama.

Anyway, I have one more of these posts to do, and then I'm going to go sleep for about a week.  My eyes are crossing!  


Mimi said...

Gee Maggie, sorry you found the slumber party boring... We could have painted your toenails too, or better yet let Mama's girls paint them! That would have been exciting! hahaha :)

beast'sbelle said...

Hey Mimi...thanks for commenting. :) (For those of you who don't know, "Mimi" is Mama's aunt).

Thanks for the offer, but I'd prefer to be a "mint condition" doll, if you know what I mean. ;)

Nothing personal, you know. If there was nothing else to do, I wouldn't have minded so much. But to miss out on "Thor" was pretty disappointing!


P.S. Tess was appalled at my attitude in this post and said I should apologize, especially when you guys were just trying to be nice and include us in the party. I suppose she's right (I hate it when that happens!)...so, uh...sorry, I guess, for, you know. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

How's that, Tess?