Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Day Three

The next morning, I was pretty tired.  It had been a really late night at the beach.  So you can imagine that I wasn't too thrilled when Mama asked if I would be willing to lend some clothes to the new dolls.  Their clothes were air drying after being in the wash, and Mama and Grandmama felt bad that they were just sitting around naked. 

While generosity is not one of my strong points, I figured it wouldn't do for me to refuse to share when they had absolutely nothing on.  That had to be embarrassing.  Still, I was pretty resentful about it.  I had planned out my outfits for the trip just perfectly, and this was going to mess up everything.  Besides, Mama wasn't going to do a Downy dunk on them until we got back home, which meant that they might get my clothes smelly.  I know I'm sounding petty here, but hey, I'm not exactly known for my virtues!  

As soon as Mama had figured out which of my outfits would work for them, she scurried out of the room.  I finished getting ready and headed out myself.  As I came out from the hallway, Jess and Rachel came to meet me.  Jess had an eager smile, while Rachel hung back, a shy look on her face.

"Thanks so much for letting us use some of your clothes!" Jess said happily.  "It was so embarrassing sitting around with nothing on...especially since I've got those icky dark makeup spots on my cloth."

"It was really cold, too," Rachel added quietly.

"No problem," I said unconvincingly.  They both quieted down at my answer.  Jess exchanged a look with Rachel.  "We uh...were thinking that when our clothes dried, you could use some of them...just wanted to return the favor."

I nodded.  "That would probably work," I agreed grudgingly.  I had to admit to myself that I was interested in seeing what they had.  And really, what was the big deal about letting them use a couple of outfits?  Maybe I needed to chill out a bit.  It had to be embarrassing to be at the mercy of others for your clothing.

I tried a more genuine smile.  "Glad I could help."

Their tense faces relaxed with relief.  Jess grinned from ear to ear.  "Well, I think you guys are heading out soon.  Hope you have a good time!"  I didn't miss the wistful tone in her voice. 

"Thanks," I replied, feeling a little sorry for them.  How sad to be cooped up in the house while I got to go to the beach.  "See you when I get back," I told them.

Today's beach was Moonstone Beach.  Mama and her family really liked it because it was a good beach for Mama's girls to play on:  nice and safe with lots of sand.  It rained during the entire 25 minute drive to the beach, but once we got there, the weather was perfect.  It was just a bit misty and not windy at all. 

The beach was surrounded by incredible rocks and foliage.  It looked like something from a postcard.

Mama and I laughed when we saw this picture, because I look totally photoshopped, especially when it's a bigger size.  I'm not, though!  I'm actually standing in that sand. ;)

Moonstone also had lots of fun, big rocks to climb on the beach itself.  Mama's girls spent a lot of time climbing like little mountain goats.

After the beach, we were all really hungry.  We drove just a little farther to the Trinidad area and stopped at Murphy's market for lunch.

There was a nice little deli section in the market, so we got our food and then ate it in Grandmama's van.  Mama and I shared a pre-made deli sandwich.  Grandmama was really grossed out because the sandwich was full of onions and stunk up her car (Grandmama is very sensitive to onions).

While we were eating, we saw this really funny car with toy dinosaurs glued all over the roof.  Mama's girls got a kick out of it.

Our next stop was apparently another of Mama's family traditions:  a trip to "WindanSea" (formerly known as "Sea Around Us").  It's a really fun shop with lots of shells and other souvenirs for sale.  The shells are only about .25 to .50 cents each, so it's a nice, affordable place to take kiddos.   Mama's girls loved picking out a shell to take home.

I had a lot of fun looking at everything.  I wanted to find a special souvenir, too.

I was so excited to find all of this pirate stuff!  For those of you who don't know, I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (especially the first one...I haven't seen the fourth one yet), so this was right up my alley.

After looking through all the "booty", I finally selected a little glass jar with shiny gold stones in it, labeled "Pirate Gold".  I thought it would make a great addition to my shelf. :)

Once everyone had bought their souvenirs, we headed back to the S's house to rest and relax before dinner time.  I couldn't wait to see what the plan was for the next day! 

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