Friday, August 12, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Blogoversary Giveaway #7 Results

Yesterday was our very last Blogoversary Giveaway, and we had a unique situation.  We only had one entry!!  See, Tess?  I told you the silly Belle and Rapunzel poster was a bad idea!  The good news is, we're going to make our one entrant very happy.  ALEXIS, you're the winner of our Belle and Rapunzel mini doll poster! :)

Congratulations on being our very last Blogoversary winner!  Please get back to us within 24 hours with your mailing address so that we can get your prize off to you in the mail.

Wow, it's been quite a week!  Tess and I would like to thank all of you for joining in the fun.  Look, I know I'm not always the best at expressing gratitude, but I am thankful for all of you who have followed our blog, read our posts, and left great comments.  You've made this a great experience for Tess and me and all of our friends.  We can't wait to see where the next year takes us in our blogging adventures! :)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Maggie and Tess


Caelen said...

Congrats!! Cute picture! =)

Alexis said...

Thanks Caelen! Maggie, should I comment on here, my adress, or will you send me an email?

Alexis said...

I just sent an email, Maggie. You should have recieved it.


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Alexis. We just got to the computer again. :)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Congrats on your year and the fun of your blog .. we love you guys .. Taryn

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Taryn. We love you guys too! :)