Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Emma's Editorials: Mama's Slumber Party

For those of you who don't know, Mama had an overnight slumber party for her 30th birthday last Friday and Saturday.  Imagine my excitement when Mama told me that I was the one going with her! :)  I know that everyone was hoping to be picked.  Maggie will probably say Mama is playing favorites, but I don't mind...as long as she doesn't bother me too much about it.

As soon as I found out the news, I rushed to get packed.  I brought my pajamas, an extra change of clothes, and of course, my Shahrukh bear. :)

I couldn't wait to get to the party and meet all of Mama's friends and family!

Here's the table at Mimi's house where all of the humans ate.  Didn't Grandmama and Mimi do a great job decorating?  I love the pretty purple tablecloth!

These flowers were gorgeous, too!

It wasn't long before the guests started arriving.  I decided to set myself up on the kitchen counter, where I was close to the food and could see everything that was going on.

For dinner, Mama and her friends got to make their own personal pizzas and salads.  They sure looked yummy!  I decided to just snitch things here and there from the counter.  :)

After dinner, Grandmama and Mimi passed out everyone's "Survival Kits".  They were cute decorated bags full of little goodies.  Mama let me look through everything myself.  I loved the little picture frame, maze game and pail...they were just my size!  Mmm, and I hope that Mama shares her M&Ms and Teddy Grahams! :)

Once everyone had opened up their Survival Kits, it was time to play Bingo!  I got to watch Grandmama call out the numbers and letters.  Mama won one game, and several of her friends won, too. 

Grandmama and Mimi had wrapped up a bunch of little prizes for the winners.  Then, when the games were over, they let everyone who hadn't won yet choose a prize, too. :)

Once the Bingo was done, it was time to eat Mama's Ricotta Cheesecake.  I only had a little taste of it.  I must confess, it wasn't my favorite, but I know Grandmama and Mimi made it, so I tried to be polite.  Mama said she liked it as long as she didn't think of it as cheesecake.

After our dessert, Mama and her friends visited for a bit while two of Mama's friends went to get some videos of Mama and her friends when they were younger.  I laughed really hard when I saw the videos.  Mama and her friends were so funny when they were younger!  There was this video they'd made for history class about Rosa Parks, and Mama played a boy!  Her hair looked hilarious.  It's probably a good thing Maggie didn't see it...she would never have let Mama live it down! :}

Finally, it was time to go to bed.  I don't think Mama fell asleep until about 12:30 or 1:00...she and her friend were too busy talking to sleep. :)

The next morning, I got to have some of Mama's delicious Monkey Bread (don't worry, it's not made from real monkeys!!).  It was so delicious!  It was all gooey and cinnamony. :)  By the time I got up, most of Mama's friends were gone (most of them are moms and had to get back to their kids).  One of Mama's friends from college was still there, though, and she wanted to try a Bollywood movie.  Yay!!  I finished up the rest of my Monkey Bread while I watched.

We watched a Bollywood movie I'd never seen before:  "Jab We Met" with Shahid Kapoor (Piper would be jealous!) and Kareena Kapoor.  It was like being in a movie theater with Mimi's huge TV. :)  I liked it overall, although it had more innuendo in it than I was really comfortable with.  "Veer-Zaara" is still my very favorite. :)

After the movie, we started packing up all of our stuff and getting ready to go home.  Grandmama gave us a ride.  I hadn't realized how tired I was until I got back to my new room.  Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about that!  Charlie and I have a new room and new bunk beds!!  I'll try to do another post soon and show you some pics. :) 

I wasn't up for long before I just had to go to bed.  Slumber parties are sure tiring!!  I'm so glad Mama took me, though.  I had a great time. :)

And, of course, the most exciting news from Mama's birthday is that she told me that she'll be sending for our sister Hayden soon!  Once that "free shipping code" she keeps talking about comes, Hayden will be on her way.  I'm so excited, I feel like I might burst!!! :D  I'll be sure to keep all of you updated.  Talk to you again soon!


Claire said...

It looks like you had fun, Emma! :) That monkey bread sounds good. ;)

And I'm so excited that Hayden will be able to come home soon! Claire's got almost enough for Lucy and we're so excited about it. Claire actually thinks that Lucy may be Lanie's cousin, so we'll have to see if that proves itself true! :D

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Fun party! So what exactly are Bollywood movies?

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Mia! Oh, the Monkey Bread was to die for!! :) Maybe I can get the recipe on here sometime. It was from Grandmama's "Cooking Light" cookbook. I think Mama needs to try making it herself. (Hint, hint, Mama!) ;)

I'm so excited that Lucy is going to be with you soon. I can't wait to "meet" her via the blog. :)

"Anonymous", thank you for commenting. :) It was a great party.

As for your question, Bollywood movies are movies made in India that are usually in Hindi with subtitles. They are similar to old 50s and 60s musicals from America. If you want more info, Mama did a post on her blog about some of her favorite Bollywood movies. Here's the address (you can copy and paste it to view the post):


Mama even included links to video clips on Youtube from the films. Enjoy! :)


Mickey's Girl said...

Hi Emma this is Hunter but I changed my profile name for my new blog.

Anyway, That party looked like so much fun! I haven't been around here enough time to see my Mom's Birthday! It's in Feb. so I'm counting down the days! eep!!

PS I wanted to pass a note to Tess that Josefina isn't leaving! HOORAY!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Hunter. I'm sure you'll have a great time at your Mom's birthday. February is a long time to wait, but I'm sure it will be worth it. :)

I'm so glad to hear that Josefina isn't leaving after all! :) I'll be sure to let Tess know.


Leah said...

Hey Emma!

I know you wrote this a lonnng time ago, but I was wondering where you got your backpack... It's really cute. Love the pictures by the way.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Leah! :)

I got my backpack from Pottery Barn Kids online. I think they still have one available there in a different color.

I guess Mama actually got it about a year ago or so.

Hope this helps! :)