Monday, October 31, 2011

Maggie's Memos: Our 108th Post-Captain America (Finally!!!!)

I am on cloud nine!!  After MONTHS of waiting, I have finally seen Captain America!! :)  One night last week, Papa was off of work, and Mimi offered to watch all three girls so that Mama and Papa could have some time together.  When they saw that Captain America was playing at the discount theater, they decided to go see it and then have some dinner.  Even though it was technically a date night, they were nice enough to take Rachel and I along, since they knew how much we'd been wanting to see it too. 

Here's our one and only picture of the event:

Unfortunately, you can't see the poster too well, since it was so reflective.  And as you can see from the picture, Mama had to hold us up since the poster was so high. 

There was a really cool cardboard cutout of one of the Captain America movie posters inside, but Mama didn't bring her camera in with her, so we didn't get a picture there.  Phooey. 

So, you may be wondering what we thought of the movie.  It. was. amazing.  It was totally worth the wait. :)  Rachel and I haven't stopped talking about it since we got back home. :}

Of course, not everything was great.  I had forgotten how raunchy the previews can be when you see a PG-13 movie. :(  I could have lived without all 4 of the icky trailers they played beforehand.  

The movie itself was great, though. Action, humor, a bit of romance, and a hero worth looking up to...what more could you want?  It was pretty violent (duh, it's a war movie, so that's kind of to be expected), and the bad guy, the Red Skull, was pretty creepy.  I was glad Tess didn't go with us...she wouldn't have been able to sleep for weeks.  She's super sensitive to scary or intense stuff (which is why she sticks to Jane Austen and other period dramas.  And no, she won't be trying "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" anytime soon.  Neither will I, though.  I'm not a fan of zombies or Pride and Prejudice!) ;)

The scene close to the end was especially touching.  I don't really consider myself sentimental, but I couldn't help tearing up a bit...I can't tell you why, though, because that would be giving it away. :}  Rachel, who is much more sensitive than I am, bawled like a baby.

Another fun thing about this movie was spotting all of the familiar faces.  Sadly, many of them I recognized from boring period dramas I'd been forced to sit through.  It was pretty funny seeing the actors in such different roles, though.  Who ever knew that Willoughby from that "Sense and Sensibility" movie that is waaayyy too long could play Iron Man's dad?  Or that Elrond from "The Lord of the Rings" could also play the notorious Red Skull?  Or that Mr. Thorpe from "North and South" (gag) was also a Nazi spy?  Or how well Mr. Tilney from "Northanger Abbey" could handle a machine gun? (By the way, please don't ask me how I'm remembering all of these's a bit embarrassing that I actually can list them!)  Oh yeah, and the girl who played Peggy Carter, Cap's love interest, was in the newer version of "Mansfield Park".  (Okay, that's it, no more period dramas for me!  This is absolutley ridiculous that I can remember all of these characters!!!)  Mama and Papa also recognized several of the other actors from movies they've seen, such as Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones.

I would recommend this movie to our more mature readers.  It had a lot of wartime action/violence, and there was some sporatic swearing, too.  I loved this movie, though.  I really appreciated the character of Steven Rogers (aka Captain America).  He had a lot of qualities that are growing steadily rarer today, such as determination, integrity, compassion, bravery, and the willingness to sacrifice his life for others.  This movie made me so thankful for all of the young men and women who have proudly served our country in the past, and those who are still serving in the present. :)      

Iron Man will always be my favorite Marvel superhero (I love Tony's sense of humor), but I think Captain America is on his way to becoming a close second. :)  Now, I can hardly wait to see "The Avengers" next year.  It will be so fun to see how all of the different characters play off of eachother.  

Seeing this movie also made me really want to watch the Avengers cartoon series again, too.  Too bad we had to cancel our stupid Netflix account. :(  

One really cool thing about waiting so long to see it was that we didn't have to wait very long before it was released on Blu-ray and DVD.  Mama and Papa liked the movie so much that they bought their own copy!!  Whoo hoo!!  I sense a Captain America movie night post in the future! :D  It's about time, after all of the Disney, Jane Austen, and Bollywood movie nights we've had around here!

So, have any of you seen Captain America?  What did you think of it?    

P.S.  This is not the special post I had planned, but I've been really burned out trying to get my other idea all together, so this one will just have to do for now.  Sorry if it's not as involved or exciting as Tess or Emma's posts, but it's all I can offer at this point. :}


Claire said...

Hi, Maggie! Claire saw Captain America on the plane ride to California a few weeks ago and said she LOVED it. Of course, some of the violence was cut out considering it was an airplane version, but we're probably going to rent it on DVD very soon so we can finally watch it. :)

Glad to see another one of your posts - I've missed seeing your posts all month (not that Emma and Tess are great blog authors too, but it's not the same without you!). :D


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Mia. It's nice to know I have a fan! ;) I'm really looking forward to watching it again. I think sometimes a movie is better the second time you watch it. You know the basic story already, so you can focus on more of the details that you might have missed the first time. :)

Hope you get to see it too!


Mickey's Girl said...

Hi, Maggie. I haven't seen Captain America but I'm dying to! Violence doesn't bother me that much but I DO NOT like swearing! There is absolutly no reason for it! I'm 11 so I'm hesitant about PG-13 movies. I much rather enjoy the none swearing, not so much violence, Thor.

Anyway, I hope you had a great time! (Sorry about my rambling!)


beast'sbelle said...

Hi Anna. I agree with you on the swearing. It's frustrating when people ruin a good movie that way.

Mama watched Captain America again last night, and there was a bit more swearing than she realized (that always happens to her...the first time she watchesa a movie, she gets so caught up in the movie she doesn't take as much notice). They don't use the really awful words, but there still is swearing. If you'd like to evaluate whether or not you should watch the movie, you (or your parents) can go to It has movie reviews from a Christian perspective, and it will say exactly what is in the movie that is objectionable. Hope this helps!