Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breaking News with Maggie: 102 Awesome Followers and a Special Announcement

This is Maggie Wilson of "Breaking News with Maggie", here to inform you that we officially have-not just 100-but 102 followers on our blog!!  Whoo hoo!!  (And you guys thought we hadn't noticed...) ;)

So, we wanted to do something special in celebration of exceeding our goal of 100 followers.  Honestly, when we started this little blog almost 3 years ago, we had no idea that it would ever be this successful.  What can I say?  You guys are awesome!! ;)

Okay, I'm rambling, and a good journalist shouldn't ramble...

What we'd like to do is have a special "Ask Tess and Maggie" feature to celebrate our follower milestone.  Do you have a burning question you've been dying to ask us?  Here's your chance!  Just leave your question in the comments below.  You can direct your question to Tess, to me, or to any of the other gals that hang around us pretending they're cool enough to be blog authors.

We'll take questions until the beginning of next week and then we'll work on getting them answered for you.  We should have our responses up sometime between the end of next week and the beginning of the following week.  (A lot will depend on how many questions we get and how complicated they are.) ;)

All righty, I think that's about it.  We'll look forward to seeing your questions.

This is Maggie Wilson, signing off.

P.S.  I almost forgot.  PLEASE do NOT fill the comments with Jane Austen questions for Tess and Emma.  One or two are okay, but seriously, if I have to sit through a discussion of the virtues of Mr. What's-His-Face compared to Mr. Whoever, I will literally go insane.  You will also run the risk of having to read through a never-ending post...when it comes to Jane Austen, those two have no clue how to shut their faces. You've been warned.

P.P.S.  Of course, "Avengers" and "Lord of the Rings" questions are preferable.  As many as you want. ;)  Just don't ask Tess...she doesn't know Iron Man from Dr. Doom. :}

Okay, signing off for real now.  Honest.


All AG said...

I do have one! XD Where do you get all of your adorable Regency dresses? And of course that pretty medieval dress from Hayden's Histories blogpost in December. :D It says it was handmade earlier, but by whom? :)

And did you get your new sister yet? I'm not asking who or anything, I want to be surprised! :D Do you want anymore sisters also?

misspiggy=awesome said...

Hi! Congratulations on 102 followers- I can't follow, but I would if I could!
I (rather, some of my dolls) have a question for Rachel.
Julianna and Samantha: Did you know that there is a new Muppet movie coming out on March 21, 2014? Are you excited? We are!
peace, love, llamas,

Anonymous said...

(for Charlie) How do you pronounce Rontu's name? Is it Rahn-too?

beastsbelle said...

Cool questions, everyone. Keep 'em coming! :)


Molly :) said...

I love this blog! Congratulations on 102 Followers! Questions...Well I have been wondering for a while what kind of doll Tess and Maggie are? They're adorable!
Also, how do you feel about the stuff they added to the Hobbit that made it different from the book?
Okay, just one more question: why is the blog called "Jane Austen and Unicorns"? (don't think I'm trying to be rude--I'm just curious. ;) I think it's really cute!) I mean, I get the Jane Austen part, but is the unicorn thing just symbolizing your guys' randomness? Just curious--like I said, I think it's adorable!
~Molly :)

beastsbelle said...

Whoo hoo!! A Hobbit question for me. Hope you're comfortable, 'cause boy, do I have a lot to say about that!! ;)

Wow, I never realized how hard it would be to NOT answer the questions right away! :}


The dolls! said...

Hi I'm Charlie, (Short for Charlotte,) I'm a renamed AG Molly doll. :) So I had a question for Maggie about whether or not you like Hawkeye from the Avengers? You have never really mentioned him, I, personally like him the most. Especially his appearance in the Thor movie, that line was awesome,

Hawkeye: Should I fire or let him keep going, cause I'm starting to root for him.

Totally my fave,

Question for Tess:

Random, but I was wondering whether or not you have heard of two books, Pollyanna, and Pollyanna grows up. The first book, Pollyanna, is about her when she is young, and Pollyanna grows up is about her when she's older, it's also a sweet little romance story. Would recommend trying to find and read those two books.


PS: Hello other Charlie!!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie~what is your favorite narnia book? Favorite narnia character besides Peter Edmund Susan and Lucy?
Team Frodo or team Bilbo? Hobbit or Lord of the Rings?
Sorry Tess don't know much about Jane Austin ;)