Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tess's Tidbits: Our World Traveler

  Hi everyone...feeling a little low, but thought I'd share what's been happening at our house.  My cousin Katie isn't here.  She's always been interested in traveling, and today she's getting her first chance to take a major trip.  Mama's girls have a friend that moved away at the beginning of the year, and they've really been missing her.  Mama hopes to go visit them sometime, but it's too far away and expensive for now.
   This weekend, Mama's girls' friend was here with her family for a wedding.  Katie had the idea that she could travel with them and take some pics of some of the places the girls' friend goes.  That way, the girls can see where she lives while they're waiting to travel there.  Mama thought it was a great idea.

    We all said our goodbyes to Katie, spending our entire morning together.  Lucy was especially worried...this is the first time she's been apart from her big sister.  I promised Katie I'd take good care of her.
    This afternoon, she left to go meet Mama's daughters' friend.  She's only been gone about 5 hours, and I miss her already.  We've always been really close friends as well as cousins.  It's been so nice being able to talk to her any time I want to.  Now she'll be gone until November, when she comes back home.  I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait that long.  I keep trying to tell myself that it will be worth it when she brings back pics and gets to tell us all about her adventures. 
    Then I realized, Katie really wants to be a world traveller.  I guess I should get used to this...if she had her way, she'd do this all the time.  Goodbye, Katie...have a great trip, and come home safe to us!

Katie-all ready for an adventure! :)

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