Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maggie's Memos: Sigh...Still Waiting to Assemble

Yep, it's true...Rachel and I still have not seen "The Avengers".  The tentative plan is to go see it on Saturday, as long as Papa is not working.  I suppose I can wait that long. :}

Oh, and for those of you who haven't read through all of the comments, the official verdict is that Mama wants us to wait to see "The Hunger Games" until it comes out on video so she can discuss it with us.  Double sigh.  I know she's trying to take care of us, but it stinks having to wait that long.  She also said that it's possible that we might not be able to see the second and third movies, depending on how they're filmed.  She was very thankful for the way the director chose to film the first movie, making it less violent than the book, but apparently the same guy won't be directing the next movie.  Mama doesn't want to commit to anything until she hears more about it.

She did read all three books in the series and is leaning towards not having us read them yet.  I'm not really sure how long "yet" is, since we don't ever age so we'll be perpetually 13 and 14.  Who knows?  I'm just thankful that I (eventually) get to see the first movie!  I'll take what I can get.

Some of you may be wondering why Mama is letting us see "The Avengers" when she's worried about the violence in "The Hunger Games".  I asked her about this too.  She explained that the violence in "The Hunger Games" was especially concerning because it involved young teens being forced to kill each other for sport.  Of course, it's not glorified or necessarily condoned, but it's still tough to read about.  While she doesn't enjoy violence in any type of story, there was something especially saddening and horrific about this type of violence.  She said the books were well-written and were an interesting commentary on our society, but she still wishes that they'd been aimed at an older audience, and she wonders what some of the kids who read them will come away with.  Then she said she almost wished she'd decided to watch "The Avengers" with Papa before deciding whether or not Rachel and I could see it, so I decided to drop the subject before "The Avengers" was off-limits too!

It's tough being interested in something that everyone else likes but you're not allowed to see yet.  Mama said that's just part of life and I have to get used to it.  She also said that I need to trust that she's trying to do what's best for me.  I don't really like it, but I'm trying to think that way.

In other news, the next few days will be pretty quiet around here.  Mama's preparing her devotional for the Ladies Spring Event at the church this Friday night.  Apparently, Tess and I get to go with her.  We're going to be "visual aides", or something like that.  Cool.  Anything involving free food and meeting other dolls sounds fun to me!  Besides, it's about time I got some recognition around here!

I guess that's about all for now.  Counting down the days until Saturday!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Mama said that we'll probably celebrate Rachel's birthday on Saturday instead of Friday, since she'll be really busy getting ready for that evening.  So we'll have a big, cool birthday post either Saturday evening or Sunday evening, depending on how much time we have for typing. ;)


Claire said...

We haven't seen "The Avengers", either, Maggie. Something about Claire wanting to watch the rest of the Marvel movies (excluding Hulk...Claire doesn't like him for some reason) before she sees "The Avengers" because she'll understand the characters better or something like that. But we'll be patient (or impatient, in Adrienne's and my case) with you & Rachel. :)

And on the subject of "The Hunger Games"...I hope you'll be able to see it eventually. Claire let all of us see it except Chrissa and Gwen (not because of the fact that they're 11, but because they are NOT very stable when it comes to that sort of thing). I can understand how you feel with not getting how she's trying to do what's best for you - Claire went through the same thing with Twilight when she was 11. But someday, you'll get there, I hope! :)

Hope you get to see "The Avengers" as soon as you can. :)


A Spicy Muffin said...

Aw, that's awful, Maggie. :( Since I haven't seen the Hunger Games, I can't say which has more violence. Here's something to check out though:

They have violence, sexual, and language ratings on the Hunger Games and The Avengers. :)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, girls.

Mia, I hope that Claire watches all the other Marvel movies soon so that you can go see "The Avengers" as soon as possible! ;) I know that Mama's doing what she thinks is the right thing, and I'm trying hard to trust her. Tess is a whole lot better at this sort of thing than I am, though.

Ick...Twilight. Now there's a set of movies I'm okay with missing out on. Mama does NOT want us watching those either, but it's completely fine with me (sorry all you Twihards out there, but I'm just really not a fan!).

Thanks for the tip, A Spicy Muffin. Mama uses a site called that is very similar. It's a part of Focus on the Family ministries. She did read through the Avengers review, and it sounds like the violence is about typical for a Marvel superhero film. She said it looks like there's a bit more swearing and innuendo than the other movies, but at this point we're still going to try it, because overall it had a very positive review. We got really spoiled with Captain America and Thor...aside from violence, they were really quite clean!


Mickey's Girl said...

Sorry about not be able to see either yet. All of us (except Ginny because she's younger) are going to see both when they come out. I guess Mom is just too embarrassed to take a couple of dolls to the movies (poo). I do hope you get to see them eventually! Mom said their both really good.

Mom said The Avengers has way less violence then The Hunger Games. It does have a few bad words in it though....Good Luck hehe! ;)


beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Amelia. Good to hear from your crew again. ;) So far, things are looking promising for this weekend for "The Avengers", so I'm hoping things will stay that way. :)


The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi Maggie,

I hope you get to see Avengers soon!

Some of the girls in our family saw Hunger Games (not the youngest kids) and it was really good, but I can see why your Mama wants you to wait. It has some disturbing themes.

We probably aren't going to see The Avengers in the theatre because movies are so expensive and we're trying to save money for our trip. I hope we can see it when it comes to DVD, though!


beastsbelle said...

Hi Kaya...great to hear from you guys again. :) As long as everything goes according to plan, we should be seeing "The Avengers" sometime tomorrow. :D

By the way, Mama agrees with you on the price of movies! She and Papa are hoping to take us for the first showing. We're not going to see it in 3D, since it bothers Mama's eyes, and the first regular showing at our local theater is only $5 per ticket. (It helps that dolls don't get charged!) ;) It's amazing the price difference between that and a later 3D showing!!

I'm glad that Mama is at least willing to let us try "The Hunger Games" when it's out on DVD. I just have to prepare myself for a bad cliffhanger, because there's a huge possibility I won't be able to see the next two. I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I hope your upcoming trip is lots of fun. I loved my vacation with Mama last summer. I probably won't be the one chosen to go this year. Mama wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to travel. It stinks, but I guess it's only fair. :}


Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry you haven't got to see either of these movies. I just went to see The Hunger games last sunday and I kinda agree with why mama won't let you see it. I think it has a few swear words, and has a lot of blood and violence, but not as much as I've heard people talk about. I'm 10, but when it comes to books and movies, I'm pretty mature, even though i'm not so much normally. :) I'm not really a big fan of the avengers and haven't seen any of the movies but I hope you enjoy it! I didn't know they was coming out with a hunger games two and three so thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely be watching them.
Hope you get to see those movies soon!! :)
- Sadie

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Sadie. Mama didn't remember that there was some swearing in the Hunger Games too. That will be another good reason to wait until it comes out on DVD, so we can mute if we need to. Why do movie producers think they need to add that to a movie to make it "better"? Sheesh...can't people talk without adding a bunch of garbage to their vocabulary?

Thanks for commenting. :)