Friday, May 11, 2012

Tess's Tidbits: The Ladies Spring Event

I'm so tired, but I wanted to get this post done anyway.  What a day we've had!  Maggie, Hayden, Belle, Hailey, and I, along with some of Mama's other dolls that I don't know as well, all got to go with Mama to her church's Ladies Spring Event this evening.  Mama was the special speaker, so we got to be her visual aids.  I wore one of my best dresses and my favorite cameo necklace.  Maggie, of course, opted for her favorite outfit.  She's not one for dressing up, even when it's a formal occasion.

I didn't get many pictures from the actual event, since I spent most of it in a tub with the others, waiting for our big reveal at the end of the evening.  It wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done, but I knew it would be helpful to Mama, so I tried to wait without complaining.  Maggie, on the other hand, probably won't speak to Mama for weeks! ;)

It's really a shame we were stuck in there the whole time, because the food smelled delicious!  We did get a front row seat for all of the entertainment, though.  There was this girl who did the "Doll on a Music Box" song from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", and four high school girls who performed "The Wedding of the Painted Doll".  I'd never heard that full song before, but I recognized the beginning of the song from a montage in "Singin' In the Rain" (that was Ella's favorite movie, and she used to watch it ALL the time).  Mama's girls sang too, and Mama's oldest daughter was in a skit with another girl.  It was great to see everything up close. :)  Oh, and a couple of the ladies read stories that some of the ladies from the church shared about special dolls in their life.  It was really fun hearing all of their fond memories.

Mama really enjoyed giving her devotional at the end.  And of course, my favorite part was when she took each of us out one at a time and introduced us to all of the ladies (and a few gentlemen...there was a man there making sure that all of the microphones worked properly and a photographer who, along with his wife, took pictures of all of the guests).  There were a lot of people smiling, so it seems like they enjoyed what Mama had to say.  Several people came up to get a closer look after everything was over, too.  I put on my prettiest smile and stood up straight and tall...which wasn't too difficult since Mama used doll stands to hold us in place.  My goodness, those things are atrocious!  I'm so glad Mama doesn't usually use them on us at home!  I started feeling a bit claustrophobic by the end of things!

Goodness, I've rambled on much longer than I was planning to.  Here are some of the pictures that Mama and I got when she was setting up earlier in the day:

Mama didn't keep us set up like this, but she had to check and make sure we would all fit on the little table that was provided.  I think we look very nice together, don't you?  That's me in the left-hand corner (well, your right!).  Then there's Elena (Mama's Karito Kids doll), Calista (a BFC Ink doll that we've barely spoken to since she arrived a few weeks ago), Nahji, and Maggie.  Then, in the front row we have Mindy Lou (who apparently was Mama's doll when she was a little girl...we'd never met before today), Hailey, Felicity, Hayden, and Belle.  

The rest of the room was full of beautiful porcelain dolls.  We don't have many of them at Mama's house, so it was interesting to see some new faces.  (Shhh!  Don't tell Mama, but after she left us there, we climbed out of our tub and went around introducing ourselves to some of the others.  They were all very polite, but they couldn't come down and play since most of them are made of porcelain.  Apparently it's pretty breakable stuff!)  Would you believe that they all live in the same house?  Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have that many friends around you all the time?  Mama said not to get our hopes up.  She didn't think Papa would go for having that many dolls here. ;)

Here are just a few of the fun dolls we got to meet:

Aren't they lovely?

One of the fun things that happened were the doll giveaways.  There were two big shelves full of dolls wrapped in plastic that were all given away to different guests!  It was done by random drawing.

I must confess, the thought of being trapped in plastic like this was rather horrifying to me, but the dolls all seemed to bear it quite patiently.  I think it helped that they knew they were going to new homes very soon. :)  I hope they all enjoy their new humans. 

There were even dolls above every window!  We weren't really able to get acquainted with them, for obvious reasons. ;)

Here's a view of the entire room.  Isn't it just beautiful?

Close-ups of the lovely table decorations.

The dolls who got to be centerpieces were especially pleased.  It was great fun for them to get to observe the humans from such a short distance.  Plus, they had unlimited access to the snacks. 

Would you believe these beautiful plates are all paper?

The yummy snacks.  What I wouldn't give for a few of those Reese's eggs!  One unfortunate disadvantage of Mama joining Weight Watchers is that we don't have stuff like this around anymore.  Ever.  Sigh.  I wish the rest of us didn't have to sacrifice our sweets, too!  (By the way, I apologize that Blogger randomly decided to upload this picture sideways...but you still get a good picture of the heavenly chocolate!) ;) 

Just for fun, I decided to see what it felt like to be the special speaker like Mama. ;)

And here we all are, waiting for our turn!  This is how we spent the entire Ladies Spring Event.  Good thing we all get along!

More waiting.

Here we are on stage after Mama's devotional.  We got to meet a lot of interesting humans.  It was so much fun!  I'm so thankful that Mama needed some visual aids.  I hope we get to do something like this again sometime! :D

Oh, and do you remember the doll giveaways I talked about?  Well, apparently Mama got a special doll as a thank you for doing the devotional, so now we will have a new porcelain friend in the house! :)  We haven't got a picture of her yet, but when we do, we'll have to introduce her to all of you.

Okay, that's all I can do this evening.  I can't believe I stayed up this late to do this post! :}  Hope you all enjoyed it!  We'll be in touch again soon. :)


Alice xox said...

Sounds like so much fun! :) You all looked so lovely all dressed up! Well, Maggie looks lovely just looking like Maggie I guess ;)

Plus, always fun to meet new friends!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Alice. :) We had a wonderful time. :)